some older pictures

Monday, February 12, 2007

I thought I'd post some older pictures. When I asked Chris about the first post, he said he hadn't posted it because he didn't have pictures of everybody. So I added them here, plus some other cute ones.

She mostly likes to be held while she sleeps, but sometimes she'll sleep in her Boppy.

This is her first doctor's appointment. She was a pretty good sport about it all.

We realize that we call her a variety of animal names. She does this funny chirping noise while we're changing her, so she's a little mouse or a bird. She's a little piggy when she finishes nursing but keeps making sucking noises. I put pictures of two others below.

This is her "baby duck mouth". When she finishes nursing and doesn't want any more, she'll spit out whatever is currently in her mouth (which is a mess) and squishes out her lips and refuses to open them.

We call this her froggy pose-and she's in a frog outfit! She holds her little legs all folded up, but I guess it won't be long before she stretches out.

This is after her first bath at home. It's hard to tell, but her towel is a hippo. She likes baths, or I guess I should say, she doesn't hate them. She doesn't cry.

This is when we were getting ready to leave the hospital. She looks so tiny... When we were registering and buying clothes for her, people told us to skip the newborn stuff and get 0-3 month stuff, which is primarily what we did. However, she was swamped in the 0-3 month stuff, so the outfit I brought to bring her home in didn't fit. Thankfully, my mother went shopping and brought this little outfit, which is so sweet. She's only just now starting to grow out of her newborn stuff.

Here's our goddaughter, Cami, with Elena. She loves, loves, loves her. She wants to know "when she gets tiny, is she going to crawl back in her mommy?" And, after she saw me feeding her and asked questions, she informed my mom that,"some babies drink out of their mommy's boobies". Good to know. She also thinks that Elena wants to come home with her, and she'll take care of her. She's so cute with her. My favorite is when she holds up two of something and tries to get the baby to choose one.

This is on her first day-see her hairdo? This is what happens when the nurse asks a new mom who is in and out of consciousness if she can do stuff to her new baby's hair...the baby gets a mohawk and a bow. As Chris said, this is the only time you will see a bow in her hair, at least until she has enough that you have to pull it back.

Poppy Sprinkle

Mimi Sprinkle

Just a cute close up from the recovery room.

I think she looks sort of like a gnome in this one. Or maybe an elf...

Nana Tappan