This week my grandparents came through on their way back to Louisiana from their meeting in Minnesota. They saw Elena at 3 months, so she was a lot bigger this time. There are also some general pictures from the week. This week was her 6 month appointment, and as usual, mama cried more about her shots than she did. It was my first shot-visit without Chris-he started his new job Monday and it didn't seem like a great idea to take a long lunch on Tuesday. He likes his new job so far, though, but has lots to learn. He has an office instead of a cubicle-I bet I can find some little girl pictures to help decorate! We haven't been to see him at work yet-maybe next week!
Back to her appointment-she's shrimpy! She's only grown half an inch in two months, so she's in the 11th percentile. She did gain a pound and a half-ish-she's 15 pounds, 6 ounces (so, double her birthweight plus two ounces) and in the 34th percentile, but her head is still in the 75th! She's smart!

Elena and daddy hung out the laundry, and she held this hanger the whole time. She's eating a meal a day now-generally rice cereal and some kind of vegetable or fruit. So far, she has eaten it all, but definitely enjoyed applesauce the most. And, her very favorite have been teething biscuits.
Chris and Elena were show and tell at Daddy Boot Camp this week. We went to EarthFare afterwards to nurse Elena and for Chris to get a drink. Elena confiscated the lid of his tea, but would share with him, which was funny but sweet. It was definitely intentional sharing.

Mimi came over to hang out with us and fed Elena some banana and cereal.
Playing with daddy-his frisbee was delicious.
She has started making this face which is absolutely hilarious. She scrunches up her nose and mouth and sniffs in and out. She does it when she's happy but wants something, but mostly when she's frustrated and not happy. It is really so hard to not laugh or not fix what she wants so that she'll keep doing it. I have some videos, I need to upload them.

This is going to be the picture in the advertisement when she is the Next Food Network Star in about 12 years. We smell spices, play with kitchen stuff, help mama cook, and watch the Food Network while nursing. Can she be anything but a prodigy chef? Seriously, I'm not one for reality TV, but did watch the Next Food Network Star when it was on and I happened to be watching TV, but Sunday was the finale, so we watched it, and our favorite won! Except Adrian, who shouldn't have gotten out in the first place.
I had to do work, and she refused to nap, so I put in Baby Einstein for 15 minutes. She tried to ram it with her walker.
Mimi had flowers, and they were RED! Elena destroyed one...
Her first teething biscuit. (having been warned, we stripped her and gave her a bib first...)
Lounging with Grandad-for such a wiggler, whenever he holds her, she just kind of hangs out and is laid back.

She was hugging my arm while she slept in her seat yesterday.

Peekaboo is her favorite game, and she's learned to cover her own face, but she likes to peek over while she's pulling it up.
4 generations. We forgot to take this picture when she was 3 months, and remembered late yesterday afternoon. Also, me, mom, and Elena are all the firstborn, which is also neat.
With Gigi at Bravo. Yes, that's a bow in her hair. Gigi let her tear the paper tablecloth, which made Elena very happy.
Pinching Grandad outside Bravo. She was sweetly patting him at first, then pinched a little.

That's all for the week. I'll try to post some videos soon that are recent.