6 1/2 months and pulling up

Thursday, August 02, 2007

We've been starting to feed her a meal a day. So far, her very favorite thing is oat cereal with a little plain yogurt mixed in, and applesauce. Also, she's learned to pull herself up in her crib if you put her in there in a sitting position! She's so big now!

This is her new favorite way to fall asleep. She used to like laying in bed with me/us, but now this is her favorite method, except at night. We had our small group over for dinner Sunday night. They hadn't seen Elena in several months-she's much bigger than she was in April!

This is her current favorite toy-an empty breadcrumbs box with mama's stuff in it. She'll play with it forever. Current things in it are a digital thermometer, an ink pen, burts bees, and a yellow pom pom.
I think she's cutting more teeth-she keeps licking them.
This is a better picture of that new grumpy face. A new guy at dad's office said she looks like a Gremlin, which is pretty accurate.
This was an idea in a book I have-to let them stack floaty rings. This is what happened when I tried to stack the floaty rings over her.

Pulling up! She was so, so proud of herself.

Learning to play the djembe with daddy. She really does hit it now.
When I fed her yesterday, I cut frozen peas in half and let her eat those. When I looked in her mouth, she had stuffed them away like a chipmonk. Any time I tried to give her a bite of something else, a little pea would slip out of her cheek or below her teeth. I just think she didn't know what she was supposed to do with them.