9 month pictures!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I took Leni to have her pictures taken right before the cruise. There were also Halloween pictures, but you'll have to wait until Wednesday for those!

She's really started to be mobile this week-at a baby shower today, she stood on her own for several seconds with her hands in the air, until mama shrieked! She has also started "jumping", which is so hilarious. She used to stamp her feet when she was mad, then it became leaving her feet in place and bending her knees. I was trying to talk her out of grumpiness the other day, so I just started singing about her "jumping". She loves it, and does it all the time now. And, it worked with the grumpiness...

I already know, this will be almost everyone's favorite. It always is.

They used this block, which I turned so the E was showing. It took about 3 seconds before she rolled it and it was never on E again.


Amber Harris said...

Elena is beautiful! You are blessed and I love the cruise pictures. It was gorgeous. We should get together sometime.

David and Samantha said...

What beautiful pictures. how will you ever choose? She is precious!