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Thursday, November 01, 2007

These are from the other day, at her nine month professional pictures. She was so cute! All of the photographers were watching our little baby cow crawling.

These are from the night I bought the outfit. She was really, really, not so sure about this hat, but she looked pretty adorable.

I thought this one was pretty funny-the bib from Aunt Avery and pjs from Mimi, and the pumpkin from the pumpkin patch
And...done with the pumpkin!
On Sunday, we went to Mom's church for the family fun fest, Cami and Elena had lots of fun

Cami in the blow up slide

Elena and Summer were both baby cows! They're six weeks apart.

Leni likes cups, and red. This is the ultimate!
Grazing baby cows....

Elena chewing her cud...or a cookie! She got cookie all over Nathan's coat, mom's shirt, me, and herself. We had to wash it before Halloween.

I was decorating for fall, and put the scarecrow in her crib. She totally ignored it...didn't even look at it.
We went to her baby library class Wednesday morning. At the end, they were making pumpkin cookies, and since she wasn't going to sit in the chair and decorate one, she pulled all the puppets out of the containers. Before we went trick or treating, we carved pumpkins! Munchkin was a little grumpy, but she liked sticking her hands in the pumpkin guts.

Pumpkin is delicious!

A little pre-trick-or-treat snack-Cheerios for the baby cow!
Ready to trick or treat!
With our pumpkins

Our first stop-next door! Blaine was ready to go with the candy! We just went to a few houses on our street-mostly as an excuse to meet neighbors we hadn't before. Of course, most of them had their lights off...

Done trick or treating. We started to pull off the costume, but she looked pretty cute in her onesie and tail! She also liked shaking around the cow head. You can't tell, but that's what she's doing here.
Clapping because she found half of a cheerio on the floor...

Okay-that's all! Isn't she the cutest cow baby ever!


David and Samantha said...

She is pretty cute! Looks like you guys had fun at Halloween! Her costume is super cute. Where was your costume?

thelittletons said...

Definitely adorable!! Ah, the things we miss out on overseas... but I've had fun looking at the costumes that you all back in the states wore. I love the professional pics too- oh and the one with her other cowbaby friend.