Saturday, November 10, 2007

This week started busy, but ended pretty quietly. Avery's birthday was Monday (Happy Birthday Ave!) so we all went over and had dinner, cake, and ice cream. If you live in Knoxville, Seasons restaurant in Farragut is pretty unbelievable. The presentation is amazing, and we all loved everything we had. Anyway, that was Monday. Tuesday was Cami and Elena at the Sevierville Winterfest kick-off (they sat on Santa's lap-Lisa sent me pictures, but I'll have to scan them!) Wednesday was the Trans-Siberian orchestra-apparently lots of people have heard of this-but I wasn't one of them! Not exactly the orchestra-Christmas music I had in mind, but pretty entertaining all the same! Lots of lights, and very loud! Elena liked watching at the beginning, but then I think it was too much for her, so she went to sleep. We stayed an hour and a half, thinking it was over and we'd get out quicker, plus it kept waking her up, but Mom, Dad, Ave, and Nathan stayed another hour, and when they left it still wasn't over! In sad news, Fredda lost her mamaw this past week, so last night we went to the visitation. We've still been a little under the weather (me more than Elena, thankfully), so we couldn't stay for the service. Please keep them in your prayers, though-it's a big adjustment for Sue and the kids.

And now, on to the pics. Avery and Leni on Ave's birthday Very happy to find people in her walker
Ave's stash-she did pretty well!

Clapping for something
Aunt Avery's card from Elena-it says "now you look like a monkey AND smell like one too". She picked it out-no kidding.
Mimi and Poppy Ave and Nathan
She wanted an old school birthday cake. Who has ever heard of Avery not wanting a cookie cake for every single occasion of her life! Not me!

They bought Titus a halloween costume. You might can guess what he thought of it.

Elena was being sweet to Uncle Nathan in the same way the above post shows her being sweet to the lamb-she gets such good response, she does it to laundry (clean and dirty) the floor, her dolls, blankets, us, etc.
Cami just getting off the bounce castle at Sevierville

At the picture area next to Santa-not screaming here!
Cami was interested in this dog-we followed it around a good bit. She was very busy, so it was hard to get a forward shot of her!
Waiting for Cami on round 2 of the bounce castle!
Right before the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in her new hat!
Just generally being tortured by her parents-she can't figure out how to get it off.
That's our week! Hope yours was good too!