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Monday, November 05, 2007

We had so many "theme" posts recently, I hadn't gotten around to the regular life ones! Thanks for the prayers-she's doing much better. Her temp has stayed below 99.5, and her white count was down to 12,000 yesterday. Poor girl, though, now she's cutting teeth! Finally, finally, finally, that little top right one has broken through, and the left one is coming in also. I realized that I was so glad she wasn't sick, I wasn't paying attention to those sad little teethies, so I have kept an eye on them and tylenol in her today.

It was a nice day the other day, so we went to the park after dinner. Did she want to slide, swing, etc.? Not my kiddo-she wanted to stare at people and play with rocks. She did slide and swing, but not that happily. Her personality definitely has some daddy traits-preferring the rocks and watching people...

The happiest she was swinging...
At our small group two Sundays ago, she very much wanted to get that kitty. Poor Beady didn't know what to do with her, except hide.

Just wanted to show off my genius child-she loves straws and drinks juice boxes. It is much easier to carry a juice box than a leaky sippy cup (she still has to have soft lids) and something to put in it.
If Elena was going to be held by uncle Nathan, then so was Cami. They're really sweet together by themselves-I just got back from five hours with the two of them, and they were great together.
Friday, Chris had Christmas musical rehearsal, so Leni and I went to First Friday on our own. We ate at Tomato Head-her half of the pizza just didn't have pesto. She really loved it, though.
We went to the galleries, and this is the "refreshment" at the Knox County art teacher gallery. It's still open in the lobby of an apartment building on Gay-I think it's the Phoenix, but it's next to the coffee shop. Anyway, a friend of ours at church, Lauren Kussro, won the exhibit, and her two pieces were two of my four favorites, honestly. I actually like the one that didn't win better, but they were pretty great. My other favorites were both done by the teacher at Lonsdale Elementary, so if you go, tell me what you think.

Leni's favorite art was the ice. I don't think she's ever had unlimited access to a big bucket of ice she could freely touch and pull up on. She enjoyed it quite a lot.
This is our sick girl. It is sad to take the picture, but she looks so miserable. It is funny and less sad because the reason she's upset is about the purple thing stuck to her toe. She really fussed until we took it off. And, she hated all of the others also.
This is the sick girl after she some tylenol kicked in. She really didn't act sick at all except that she was harder to entertain, and she was pretty pitiful when her fever got really high.

She has started doing this "lovey" thing to us or her stuffed animals if you say "aww so sweet" to her. I took a video today that I"ll try to post soon-she was hugging her lamb and it is maybe the cutest thing ever. Honestly.

That's all for now. Last night was Avery's 26th birthday, and tonight I took Cami and Elena to Sevierville for the beginning of Winterfest, and tomorrow is the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. So, I'll have pictures for next week. But, other than that, we're doing a lot of nothing. And I
am pretty good with that.


David and Samantha said...

Good to hear that she is feeling better. That means everyone is feeling better! The pictures of her are adorable as always. Have a good week.