Tuesday, December 04, 2007

These are from last week, before Mom and Dad left on their trip. Leni loves her bla bla doll Bla Bla and Poppy are getting her!
She was being silly-clapping for herself, but I didn't get it on the camera.
Helping daddy get ready for Sunday morning...

I attempted to give her a bowl of goldfish while I was making the white chocolate filling (see wrappers) for a cake for the office. This is what she did, then laid on the floor to eat them.
For Cami's birthday, I told her we'd go to Build a Bear. We're just getting around to it. I thought we'd make a doll, but she found a princess pink cat. Guess which she chose!

She likes to be whispered to-she'll push her ear up against your mouth. I was singing 10 in a bed and the little one said roll over.

She's become really entranced with the refrigerator. Unfortunately, that will probably be a lifelong fascination...
We ordered this hat for her. You can't really tell, but it has a flower that sticks up on it.
It came with a tag tied on, so I tied it on her toe.
Friday we went to the Maryville Tomato Head to see Joseph play, and also Trace and Tommy's group, who lived with Chris in college.
She likes these tiny ornaments in a box-she dumps them out one by one for awhile, then all at once. She did it with a package of hershey kisses today too.

Didn't Chris do a great job! I think our house looks so great, especially with the paint!
Picking out our Christmas tree! Elena liked touching the branches. It's got lights and beads on it now, but when it's decorated I'll post a picture of that!
Mama's hair is the most fun thing ever! She was hilarious with it the other night.

She still loves candy canes-and knows what they are. She reached for some in walmart the other day, and for 88 cents, I complied.
She has become a big pointer lately-whenever something is new or interesting, she'll point and have you take her to touch it.
Standing with an entire box of ornaments!

Being sweet with Aunt Avery last night.

That's all for the week! This weekend is First Friday with our small group, Santa pictures at Abode, and the Christmas parade, so there's sure to be some cute ones!

Also, please pray for our friends from small group, Julie and Kyle Dunn. They had their twins yesterday, and I think she was 31 weeks. Parker and Mitchell are both under 3 pounds, so they have a lot of growing to do!


David and Samantha said...

Fun Christmas post and I am sure there are more to come!