Thankful Thursday

Thursday, December 06, 2007

1. I am thankful for modern baby conveniences, like snack cups that don't spill that you reach in to get your gerber puffs, and boxes that hold juice boxes so they don't squirt.
2. I am thankful that in the mail yesterday, there was a "gift" from KUB. In with our ridiculous electric bill was a...are you ready....A SCRATCH AND SNIFF NATURAL GAS CARD!! So you know if you smell that rotten egg smell on the card, there's a problem...I just got a real kick out of it, and it's now on our fridge.
3. For my mom, who spent an extended period of time with Elena today so I could have an hour and a half to myself
4. For all the Christmas decorating to be finished
5. For a new Gray's Anatomy tonight!
6. For tomorrow being First Friday, dinner with our small group, and a parade, all in one night!
7. For tomorrow also being a sale at Joann's so I can get MORE fabric for ANOTHER sling, since I have now lost two. I use them daily, and I just can't imagine why I can't keep up with them...sigh.
8. I am thankful for my adorable child, who's new favorite thing anytime I leave the room is to call "Ma!"
9. I am thankful that my mother-in-law suggested bleach for our cloth diapers, and I wonder why I never thought of it...
10. I am thankful for Caitlin Littleton, Julie Steiner, and Tina Weston for all their ideas to make Christmas more meaningful, and Lent
11. I am thankful for my breadmaker, which produces delicious rosemary garlic focaccia with minimal effort
12. I am thankful for google reader which tells me when the blog I read have new posts so I don't have to check them all
13. I am thankful for rosemary trees at christmas
14. I am thankful to have introduced Leni to her first hershey's kiss, which she loved, loved, loved
15. I am thankful for my dear, sweet husband who is currently watching the munchkin so I can have a few minutes of time alone.
16. I am going to be thankful for sweet potato fries tomorrow when we visit Chris at work, which he doesn't know yet, so we'll see if he reads this before lunch tomorrow or not!