I'm a slacker, I know

Saturday, December 15, 2007

After a little chastising (thanks Samantha!) I realized I hadn't posted since last Tuesday (pictures at least...) So, here you go-44 pictures!

Elena has started doing a funny thing where she puts fabric around her neck. Here is a little montage of that...

With mama's sweater and the nativity set from Nana

With daddy's new sweater

With her own pants that she took off

With a blanket on the bed
It's pretty silly, but pretty funny too!
Here we are decorating our tree

The top was a little tall, so Chris had to fix it.
Unwrapping the nativity set from Nana-we put it on a low table so she can play with it, and her favorite thing is to take them off the table and put them underneath!
Thinking very hard about this donkey
Eating chocolate kisses-I let her eat a whole one once, broken up, of course. Umm...she's a fan.
Last week we went to First Friday/the Christmas parade.

Elena's first time to see fire

Not so sure about the semi at the parade...it blew it's horn.
Watching the parade again-like my new sling? I've lost two now...
Liking Sonya's gloves (we went with the Luchauers)
Last week we went to Tracy Russell's birthday party, and Samuel and Elena are only a few days apart. They were pretty cute together.

Sunday night was Cami's program at church-her class was the intermission, which was so cute. I couldn't get the pictures to come out brighter.

Elena visiting with Mimi's friends
Erica and Cami after the show
I don't know what she's doing here, but it was cute.
She wedged herself behind the big brown chair to look at cds.

At rehearsal for daddy's music in the Christmas play on Tuesday-she liked these shaky things

We went to see Fredda's chorus sing at the City County building, where Avery works. Fredda had more than half of the spectators-really, maybe all of them.
Helping mama cook-she busted a whole bag of red lentils, then played in them.
Nana bought her this last year before she was born. Our favorite is the hat, which stretches enough so that we can wear it. Me, Chris, and Ave have worn it-Nathan refused. She won't keep it on, but it's pretty hilarious.
This was on the wall at Cami's school program-What we want for Christmas. It wasn't even her class, but we very much enjoyed Will Etherton's entry-to take over the world and some fire. And some pokemon toys. Well. I bet that's a busy kid.

Cami as the sugarplum fairy in The Night Before Christmas

Elena went into the kitchen by herself, and was shaking cookies (her daddy could see her). She managed to get them open, and thought they were pretty delicous.
Visiting mama's work-this is Beverly, her "Aunt B". They are pretty fond of each other.
Aunt B got Elena to learn "eyes" and "nose", which we've been working on forever and she's never gotten. I've been doing it on she and I, I don't know why I never thought of doing it on a stuffed animal. Anyway, now she knows! Smart girl!
Reading with daddy last night

That's all for the last week and a half-we've been pretty busy, and will be more so soon! Happy Holidays!


David and Samantha said...

Great post. You have so funny pictures up! I am glad that there were pictures of everyone too! Merry Christmas. See ya at the party I guess.