Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Last week was the Girl Scout initiation ceremony, which mostly Mom made up! The girls really liked it, though, and were really into helping. We had our usual "meeting", then got ready and had the moms, grandmas, whoever, come see the ceremony. Here, Chrissy and McKayla are doing their "read and respond" time with Elena. That last one was out of order because blogger is still being difficult. Here she is playing in Mrs. Polly's rocks, as usual.
Smelling a flower...I have to be careful now-I taught her to smell mint, and now she'll go pick off huge pieces of it to smell and to let everyone else smell!
Back to Girl Scouts-Jorday mixing fruit drinks

Dan'Shai, Julisa, and Essence working on decorating cookies
Chrissy trying to make a fussy Elena happy
Oh-how to spell this one...Tajaneisha? and one of the Heaven's playing with Leni
Julisa and Marlaina getting ready to serve plates

Ms. Haley supervising the stirring...

The ceremony-for being such "cool kids" they totally got into it and sang the songs, did the pledges, etc. Cute.

Playing with the Smith's dog at small group number 2
Trying to gather up all the individual pieces of the metro pulse to carry around.

Sunday night we went to Arlington Church of Christ to hear Patrick Mead, who was Jenny's pastor growing up. We didn't really agree with him, but afterwards everyone came over to our house to be guinea pigs for my hand pies for market. They had good advice! Here, we're showing Sonya and Amber cuteoverload.com and the stuffwhitepeoplelike site. Leni really likes cute overload and runs over whenever the computer is out wanting to see kitties. And, getting pretty frustrated if it's just gmail.

Some pictures from yesterday. I had another post all about yesterday, but it got a little more personal than is probably appropriate for blog world. Yesterday I had Leni out for one quick errand and a trip to the park. She was acting tired (so I thought) in the car, so I was trying to keep her awake. When I went to get her out of her carseat, she was completely unresponsive. Her eyes were open, but she wasn't blinking, responding, anything, and I'm pretty sure she wasn't breathing, but I was in a panic and might just not have noticed. I shook her and said her name, then started yelling, and she still didn't respond. I yanked her out of that carseat, and she did blink and start looking around, though she was still out of it. She did come around after several more seconds, and seemed totally fine. I called the doctor and he had her come in, and said it could be a fluke, weird thing that happened, or she could have had a seizure. They set up an EEG for April 17, which is next Thursday. That one minute was, hands down, the worst minute of my life, and we are still recuperating today. Please keep her in your prayers, and pray that this was a weird, isolated incident. Pray also for us, because we are pretty freaked out. I feel pretty "done" with catastrophe, and am having a hard time swallowing this.
These are at the park after the "incident", waiting for our doctor's appointment

Last night we went to one of Chris's old Yoke kid's art shows-since now she's graduating from college! Chris was feeling a little old...
Showing daddy how we like water fountains

Posing with Kylie at her art show! We were at another art show last week, and someone said something about it being her first art show. We realized, she's been to at least ten! She's a cultured fourteen month old...

Today we went to Crescent Bend to take pictures instead of having them taken somewhere for her 15 month portraits. She wasn't in a super mood, but here are some pretty cute ones!

Singing "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands"

Gathering rocks

Waving to the water

That's it for now-but I've got some from bagging bears and blankets, and tonight we meet Kaori, so I'm sure I'll have some then!


The Anderson Family said...

What a scary day! Elena will be in our prayers!

David and Samantha said...

We are concerned and praying for the appointment on the 17th. Her 15 month pictures are precious! I love the red shoes.

The Luchauers said...

I'll definitely be praying for Elena (and the two of you). I can't even imagine how scared you must have been. Thanks for sharing. We love you guys!