Welcome Kaori, and our week!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Unfortunately, I still haven't worked out the new way blogger pics are loading, so I'll have to explain as we go...
These are from today-we went to the Dogwood Arts festival this morning, and Leni had lots of fun running around.

Tuesday we finally met Kaori! Our small group has been praying for the Harris's adoption process since the beginning, and we were all so excited to finally see her! She was adorable, and it was nice to hold such a little one again-just about half the size of Elena now! She's very strong for being so tiny and was so alert with everything in McAlisters. These were supposed to be underneath the others, but didn't load right.
Trying a lemon...which she liked! Tuesday afternoon we also went to help put together bags for a teen parent conference. Leni liked this box, and she liked running around with Emily.
Elena and Emily in the box-they are two days apart. They were funny taking each other's bears, then trading, but they're really too little to get too possessive about things yet. They were interested in each other's sippy cups and pacis, however. These are the same day that we did pictures at Crescent Bend, hence the same dress.

Okay, this was supposed to be the beginning of the post:
This is some of the "welcome home" stuff at the Harris's house.

It either says "welcome", or it says "to our home", but I'm pretty sure it's "welcome"-though probably not really correct. Anyway, a good try!
Small group's first meeting-looking at Amber
Chris, Elena, and Amber with the proud new parents, Samantha and Dave, and Kaori.

That's all for now!


David and Samantha said...

How nice of you to post our sweet baby!!!