Monday, June 02, 2008

Two Thursdays ago, we went to Sundown with Avery and Nathan to see Presidents of the United States. They sing a song called Kitty, and this is Elena asking where the kitties are during the song. Playing with Aunt Avery and Uncle Nathan

Nathan taking an arty picture of Leni and the TVA building.
She loved hummus the other day and kept eating it out of the container with her hands when she ran out of chips.
We found her like this the other day-with all the tp on the floor and very proud of herself-and waving at us.

Drinking out of a cup at market last week
We met mom and Cami so that I could take Cami with us to baby class on Thursday, and waited for them in Office Max. Leni was pretty fussy knowing we were going to see them and they weren't there, but then we found a tv behind the counter where they were showing the movie Cats and Dogs. It is a stupid movie, but she was just interested in the animals anyway, and kept laughing and waving at them. People had to go around us to check out...
She thinks peekaboo is super funny now.

We went to Dollywood with mom and Cami on Friday. They had a good time playing on the baby rides. Elena wasn't super into it at first, but after a couple of rides, she would cry when she had to get off. She didn't get why she couldn't stay. Then, she got away from me and ran up and got on a ride again. There wasn't a line, but it was pretty funny to watch her ducking under the bar...

At Dollywood, mom bought them each a "prize" and Elena picked out this puppy purse backpack thing. She has not once used it as a purse, but it has been fed milk in the highchair and wheeled around in the stroller so far.
Tonight we had a church outing at Victor Ashe Park and Elena and Emily were being so sweet! They're only two days apart, but they were super cute holding hands together.


Stargazer said...

A song called kitty? That's cute. And you've got really cute kids too.

David and Samantha said...

You have been busy! She is just growing up! Love all the updates and look forward to seeing you all soon.