a quick post to clear my camera

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I need to recharge my camera, so thought I'd post the little I had remaining on it. These first few of little bit are from this morning. We went to a special baby class at the UT Arboreteum. Well, I thought it was a special one-as it turns out, it's a free UT program that will be there every Thursday in the summer at 10:30-it just so happened to start with our librarian. It was great, definitely something we'll keep going to, and she loved to play outside in the gardens. And, in two weeks, they'll have sprinklers afterwards, which will be super fun since she loves water so much!

This is my favorite of the day-she's doing the "your face will surely show it" part of the "If you're happy and you know it" song. She was tired by the time I started taking pictures, so I didn't get many of her facing me. This is also the newest mama-made dress, so I wanted to get a few good pictures in it. It's my favorite so far.

Last night, at the last minute, we found out that one of the girls in mom's girl scout troop that I help with was the valedictorian of her fifth grade class, and was going to make a speech at graduation. Chris was able to come home in time, so I got to go.
This is a picture of the Heaven I sat with, also in our troop
This is the other Heaven, the valedictorian, making her speech. She did a great job.
This is Heaven's family-her sister Julisa is in our troop also.

I was glad I got to go-though both Heaven's wanted to know why I didn't bring Elena! A good night, though, all in all.


thelittletons said...

Congrats on the baby news! Elena is cute as ever- really a wonderful little girl. I'd love to meet her someday :-)

Julie said...

Ok~I am so out of the loop!! I can't believe you are pregnant!! I am so excited for y'all!! This is the first night in forever that I have been able to just sit down and catch up on everone's blog and boy have I learned a lot!! So, do you know the sex yet?? Or are you going to find out??? How wonderful!! we love y'all and miss y'all so much!! take care!!