16 months...and a kitten

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Here is the new kitten-we have found somewhere to bring him next Tuesday, but if anyone wants a funny kitten, thought I'd post. John and Susan came by for a night on their way to a wedding, and Elena had a good time running around with one shoe. She didn't want to put the other one on or take that one off.
When Chris got home, she had a 20 minute "conversation"-she was very intently telling him something about the chair and the cats, but in baby gibberish. It was really cute though-lots of inflection and expression.
Telling daddy all about the chair.
Looking at baby kitten with mama.

Playing with money...just funny to watch her with it. She'd stack it up and throw it.

Reading with Grandpa.
Playing with Playdoh-her very favorite pasttime lately.
This kitty is little-she likes to point to Jack and make "big" hands, then squat by kitten

Sitting with Nana and Grandpa
Sunday we went to Israelfest. Her first school bus ride from the parking lot. Incidentally, I used to work at the AJCC (Arnstein Jewish Community Center), so it was fun to be back. I'm sure some of my camp kids were there, but that would have been 9 years ago, so I didn't recognize anyone.
Digging for treasures in teh sand.
Looking at camels

We have a pretty quiet week this week-I haven't taken any new pictures since Sunday! Tomorrow is another baby class, but at the Arboreteum, so I am sure that will involve picture taking.
Also, in baby related news....
Many of you know that our boy name forever (and we don't know what this one is yet, obviously) has been Jonas Quinn. Since there has recently been a boy band called the Jonas Brothers, we were taking it off the list, even though we have loved it forever. And then today, I hear that Jonas Quinn is one of the original Stargate members. So, apparently, we have the same exact taste as some sci-fi writers and Disney. Yikes. We're going to have to work hard for our next inspiration...