A fairly regular week

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Since we didn't have anything major going on this week, I thought I'd really try to get pictures of what we regularly do. I didn't get them all, but I got some.

Sunday we go to church, sleep and clean house all afternoon, then have small group with a group that started at Farragut and now I think only one person goes there. But, we've been meeting with this group plus or minus since Spring 2006.

Elena and the Harris's baby, Kaori. Kaori is so funny and loved watching Elena. Elena had been super excited about Kaori coming, and then was unsure when they were both there.

She did, however, love to put her babies in Kaori's carseat.
Kaori trying on Leni's bonnet
Monday we went to Little Gym. For the first time ever, Elena was the first one to want to try a new skill. Actually, she was on this half moon before Miss Christy finished talking. Here, she and Wren were playing seesaw, and both slid into the middle.
Smiling...sort of.

Bubble time is her favorite. Bubbles and hand stamps.
Afterwards, we went to the Rush playground at the mall because I was trying to figure out if I had to go to the doctor. (I didn't, and the glucose test came back normal. Below normal, actually) She loves to slide.
I didn't get any from Tuesday, which was when my dad came over to visit and then Chris took her for the evening so that I can get something done before Maeve arrives. I'm getting a little panicky...
Wednesday we went to baby class at the library. She's all decked out in her Halloween gear.
Showing me her handstamp. We hadn't been in a couple of weeks so I had a few of the top of her head, but mostly she was just leaning against me.
Reading with Sam after class. She was really excited that he was showing her things in books.
After class we met Aunt Avery for lunch, and did manage to get wet in the fountain.
I also went to try to buy good winter shoes, but that's going to have to wait until December or January. That's right, I can't buckle my shoes. Sigh.
Wednesday night we had small group #2 at our house, and the Smiths brought over a tiny baby bunny they're raising! Elena LOVED it and has talked about it every day since. And we still don't want to keep it, Kenny! We really appreciate them bringing it-she has been so funny about it. She's feeding it a bottle, sort of, here.

Thursday I had a doctor's appointment, which only lasted an hour! A record for this practice, actually. And, mom came over to hang with Leni, which I need to start taking pictures of.
Friday we went to an art class at Smart Toys and Books, which was fine but a little unimpressive. The rest of them are holiday craft ones, so hopefully they'll be better. They did let them eat popcorn, though, so Elena thought it was great.
We played in Smart toys and books for awhile. She has THREE puppies in purses on her arm. She kissed all of them before we left to go to work for awhile.
And, that's our week! She's currently riding in Cades Cove with Chris, Ave, Nathan, and my dad, and then we're going to a wedding and having people for dinner tonight. It's a busy week this week, so I'll post again soon!