Jonesborough storytelling trip

Monday, October 06, 2008

This past weekend we went to Jonesborough, TN for the National Storytelling Convention. We've wanted to go forever, and went this year with my parents and my aunt DeAnn, her husband David, and David's son Nathan. David's family has gone since, I think, the beginning of the festival so he knew who to tell us to see. They had all of his family there to visit too. It was appropriate content wise for kiddos, but listening for an hour isn't all that much fun for a 20 month old, so we took turns taking Elena out. Mostly, she climbed up and down stairs over and over. She loves to get to the bottom and say "two, three, jump!". Jonesborough is a pretty neat town anyway, and it was fun to walk around.

Posing in front of the visitor's center Playing "lift him up" with daddy
Zonked out after the end of the Friday night storytelling
We slept in a tent next to the RV Except that it was freezing. But, we had a good time playing in the tent after we'd gotten up, pretending that we were asleep.
Smelling the flowers in front of the courthouse

Waving and saying "neigh" to the horses with Mimi
She saw another little girl with a sucker, so Poppy bought her one too. It was a sticky mess, but she enjoyed it!
Tasting homemade blackberry ice cream with daddy. We had to trade because she'd open her mouth every time you picked up the spoon.
Playing piggy toes with Mimi

Being held by Deedee
Yesterday afternoon on the porch. The kitty is Josie, who lives two doors down. She doesn't particularly like Elena, but knows she's not going to get pet unless she cooperates, so she does it. Elena was very excited.
These are copied from other people's pictures from the hayride the other day, which I guess is why they're smaller.

We had a really fun weekend, and a nice time visiting with family. Today she's been saying "", "", "mama...yeah"-like she's deciding if they're here or not. She does this a lot, even with her toys, and we don't always know what she's debating. Today is monthly cupcake tasting day, this week is Museum of Appalachia homecoming, and this weekend is a visit from Chris's parents, so we'll have lots to post next week!
Also, keep me in mind on Thursday. I had a glucose test last week and they just called to say my numbers came back high, which means I have to have another test that lasts 3 hours for gestational diabetes. That would put a serious crimp in my plans to not have a caesarean, and involve a lot of doctor's visits, not to mention being dangerous for Maeve. Please pray that my numbers go down this week. Thanks.