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Thursday, October 02, 2008

The past week or so has been insanely busy, and doesn't show much sign of slowing this coming week. Last Wednesday we skipped baby class and went to a special day at the zoo. It was Elena's first time, and seeing the animals was a hit.

Semi-posing-we got there when it opened so that we could get our tickets worth before naptime, but we got there before the animals were out. Petting goats-she never will touch an animal, but this time they gave her a brush, which was a good thing to start with. She ended up petting lots of them and loving it.
Sitting in an "eggshell"
It was knoxmoms day at the zoo, so they had quite a few activites for little ones.

I don't know if you can tell, but the big black thing is a bear! They have this big tunnel and a plate glass window, and you can walk up to the window to look for the bears. This one was asleep against the window-we didn't even see it at first. Maybe a half inch from her.

At the prairie dog tunnels. Which, as a side note, was my elementary school mascot.
Elena running away from the camels. They were a little too close, and wanted to eat out of your hands.
Blowing kisses to the zebras. After the camels, she told every animal "no, no" so that they wouldn't come near her. She didn't get that they wouldn't anyway.
Getting very tired. We went intending to go to a llama birthday party and to meet George, the new baby monkey. But, we had utter and complete meltdown before we could get there. This was our last activity, really.

Thursday we went to the water park near our house, intending on playing with friends from church. But, Elena is a lot littler and I still have to watch her on stairs and slides, and Josephine is almost a year older and didn't need as much assistance, so we ended up kind of doing our own thing. This is the only picture I took, since I was busy with her!
I realize now that we didn't take any pictures Friday-today. Not a single one. We were plenty busy, though.
Today we went with the "under-preschoolers" from church to the fruit and berry patch. It was really fun. We went on a hayride, fed goats and sheep, got a pumpkin, went through a corn maze, bought apples, had apple cider, and went out to lunch. Needless to say, she's asleep and mama is headed that way soon. Right after finishing this blog.
Emily and Leni in front of the barn smelling flowers. They're two days apart. Oddly, of the five kids, these two are two days apart, two of the others are one day apart, and then Naomi is on her own.
Getting ready for the hayride-Lilly smiling at me
Being very excited that the goat tried to eat out of her hand.
Emily and Rachelle-who's due with her second in a couple of weeks. She was a good sport to come, in my opinion! She's having another girl like we are, and our second ones will just be a couple of months apart. It's nice to have someone to share pregnancy woes and 20 month old stories with!

Elizabeth and Josephine picking out pumpkins-baby Ada stayed home today
Emily's pumpkin choice. Elena was not getting the idea that we had to actually choose one of them to take home
Finally sort of choosing one-mama had to say "this one, or this one" to get one to take with us
Rachel and Naomi on the hayride. We were all trying to take pictures of each other, since we all five had our cameras but it's hard to get one of you with your own kiddo

Elena in the corn maze
Trying to get a shot of all five-this is the closest we got
Elena and Josephine holding hands. They look sweet in their red
Drinking their apple cider at the barn afterwards

It was a really nice day to be outside and get to hang out with other mamas. We have lots going on again starting tomorrow, so I'll try to update early next week!


David and Samantha said...

You have been busy with a lot of fun activities. What a fun mom you are!