Mama and Leni go to Atlanta

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lately I've been nesting, getting ready for Maeve, and feeling sad that it won't be just me and Leni at home anymore. So, as kind of a mama-and-Leni-intensive-time, we went to Atlanta for three nights! We kept very busy and had a great time, and it's nice that it's also nice to be home! Chris kept very busy while we were gone doing projects that couldn't be done while we were home, and the house looks great!

Leni wanting to look at the camera picture side, and waiting patiently.
These aren't in order. We got there Sunday night and just bought groceries. Monday we went to the Children's museum, which was great, and Ikea, then to the Perimeter mall and our favorite bakery after nap. Tuesday, our morning got kind of shot when I lost my wallet, and Tuesday night we went to a park with my aunt, dinner, the Virginia Highlands area, and to her house to visit with David and see the kitties. Wednesday morning we met up with Deedee again and went to the Botanical Gardens, then drove home and went to Mom and Dad's church for the Fall Festival! Whew-we had lots of fun, but are pretty tired and looking forward to a day at home today!

Holding Gracie, one Deedee's kitties. As soon as she saw Deedee, she said "meow, meow" and starting looking for kitties in the stores.

At lunch at the flying biscuit after losing my wallet-her favorite thing was to put the sugar packets into and out of the container.

Having her baby pet a plastic dog at Macy's at the mall. Having her baby do everything was another favorite activity.

She's very methodical-at the Children's museum, putting down all the cups, then plates. All of them.

Hugging the chicken puppets

At the fall festival last night-she LOVED this bouncy house and stayed in it for a long time. Isn't she a cute Raggedy Ann?

Shifty eyes-she does this a lot where she'll look back and forth.

At the botanical gardens with Deedee

There were a lot of kids on field trips at the gardens, and a big group of 8ish year olds were racing in the yard. Elena joined in.

This might be my favorite picture of the weekend-I don't know what this face is, but it's sweet!

Checking out her loot-she figured out that it was a good deal!

Trunk or treating with daddy

With Aunt Avery

Cami's new teeth-she was dressed as Sleeping Beauty

Eating Cotton candy-I guess she remembered it from the Corn Maze last week, because she was a fan as soon as she saw it!

I'll be sure to post some from Halloween night and our church hayride this weekend!


David and Samantha said...

So glad you had fun with your baby girl. She does look super cute in her Halloween costume!

Alicia said...

She is the cutest Ragedy Anne ever! I pray you are doing well!