random pics and a few from this week

Monday, November 10, 2008

Since I was not leaving the house much last week, I thought I'd throw in a few pictures that Avery sent me off her camera.

This is from Cami's birthday party in September. Elena LOVES cheese puffs, she just never gets them. She liked trying on Cami's sash, and Cami was gracious to let her. On a Cades Cove bike ride with Daddy-I don't know what they're doing here!

This is from yesterday-Daddy was throwing leaves and Elena was stomping in them.

We went to First Friday, even though it was raining. It was the Grand Opening for Magpies, the French Market, and Rita's water ice. Who could miss all that! Besides, we'd been stuck inside for days. Here we are at Magpies. It was really crowded, so we didn't get pictures of the food.

Playing with Titus at Avery and Nathan's on Ave's birthday-it's nice to have poor, defenseless cats with no claws to practice on!

At Avery's Chop House birthday dinner-tearing up paper

Playing with Sayley in the RV-I can't remember when this is either.

She has been so fun this week. She's really talking and says new things every day. This morning, for instance, she's said cereal, orange juice, blanket, couch, and sit down. All new for today. She's been teaching us how she perceives what we say to her, too, by the way she talks to her baby. Yesterday she sat her baby on the table, said "please" in a pleading voice, laid her down, said "thank you" in a relieved voice, and changed her diaper. She hates to have hers changed, and that's pretty much how it goes with us! She's really sharing well and enjoying being around people. We always have fun with her, but lately she's been so great to be around.