This week, professional, and old pictures

Friday, November 14, 2008

There are quite a few things in this post, and blogger didn't load them in order.

Today we went and had 21 month/Christmas pictures taken. Luckily I put a matching sweater on her, because she didn't want to take it off! She also didn't want to give up her baby doll. But, they turned out sweet. I'm not posting her "official" pictures we had printed yet so that they're a surprise when relatives get them this week, but I'll make sure to post them later!

In her Christmas dress...

I went to Little Gym with Leni and Chris Tuesday night and took pictures, since I can't really do the activities very well at this point. I thought I was pretty good about getting her to try things, but she's very timid when I take her and doesn't want to do the special skills. Not so with her daddy! She was first in line to try everything! It's fun to see how different she is with each of us-I'm glad she's not afraid to take risks while he's with her!

One of the people who works with Chris had her little girl there for the first time that night also. She's the one to his right. Oddly, a girl I was in youthgroup with was there last week, and her husband and daughter were there this week.

Last time they blew up this big mat, Elena sat on the edge but didn't want to do much. This time (I guess after the Farragut moonwalk thing at Halloween) she jumped all over it!

Some older pictures that my aunt sent me. This one is just from our October trip to Atlanta

I love this pictures. I don't post naked pictures of her on here, but this one was too cute! (and, you can't see anything)
From a previous trip-she looks teeny!

Out of order-walking on the balance beam with daddy (which she won't do with me!)

That's all for now! This week we're having lots of my family in town, then going to Thanksgiving at Chris's parents, so I'm sure we'll have lots to post soon! Hopefully, we aren't going to be posting that we've had another small child until the end of December!


The Anderson Family said...

Josephine would also act differently for me and Nathan at the Little Gym (and just about everywhere else). Funny how they do that.

Julie said...

WOW...I can't believe how grown up she looks!! Those pictures are precious!! We miss y'all!!

David and Samantha said...

Good for her for trying new things! Looks like she has a blast at the Little Gym!

David and Samantha said...

Oh yeah, her new pictures were darling. She takes such great pics.