Thanksgiving pics

Saturday, November 29, 2008

We just got back tonight from Thanksgiving/Christmas in Mt. Washington, and I thought I'd go ahead and load this week's pictures.

These are from Wednesday morning-she figured out that raspberries would go on her fingers like hats on her own. She was pretty proud of herself. After baby class Elena and I went to Fantasy of Trees. She liked looking at things, but was a little unsure. She did, however, LOVE listening to the kids sing and tried to do all their movements along with them.

Out of order-reading with Aunt Pam

Very happily eating a candy cane, which she's requested numerous times since.

Listening to kids sing. Other people took her picture too-she was so into it.

Riding the carousel before it started-after it started moving, she just wanted to pet the horse, but not sit on it.

Riding in the kids section

Opening her stocking with Nana

Aunt Pam and Uncle Cliff got her a box of kid sized sports balls. That's probably good practice, since we don't currently own any of them even in adult sizes.
Grandma trying on some of Elena's new dress up clothes

She's still into being the "baby" and being wrapped up.

We went to a children's museum. One child, 6 adults. She had a good time, though, and liked playing pretend, climbing steps, and painting.

Reading a book this morning with Grandma and Nana
Grandma gave her this rolling pin that her great grandfather had made (grandma is her great grandmother). Leni mostly enjoyed tasting it.
Teaching Uncle Cliff how to jump off the stool.
Painting at the children's museum
At the top of the fort with Uncle Cliff at the children's museum

That's all for now-I'm sure I"ll have more from other people soon! I didn't take pictures the whole time, but between us, there were lots more taken. We had a great time and it was nice to have time to visit. Next time we see them, we'll be a little busier with two!