9 weeks, 6 days, and she rolls!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Today, Elena rolled over from her tummy to her back! She had done it at about two weeks from her back to her tummy, but accidentally. This was definitely intentional-she's been trying to do it every time we put her on her tummy lately! And, I got it on video-I was trying to tape her attempts because they're so funny when she scoots her big head on the bed, but she did it while I was taping. Other new Leni news: she coos all the time, and does it like she's talking to you, she is able to suck her thumb by putting it in her mouth rather than putting her hand on her face and moving her mouth towards it, she suddenly likes her swing, which she previously would scream in after two minutes (and, therefore, allows her mama to get things done while she sleeps instead of holding her), and she likes to sit like a people as often as possible, and tries to sit up herself if you lean her back on the boppy. (which, is one of the two best inventions of the baby gear, the other being the angel care monitor) Her first vaccinations are on Thursday, and I've just been really nervous about them. If you'd like to offer a prayer our way, it's at 1:30. Here are some of our activities this past week or so.
Here is Elena in the backseat of the car while Chris was putting the base back in. Oh, she also has a sudden fascination with her hair (which has little curls on the back of her head now) This is John Basil (her suitor in a previous post) and his dad Brantley with Chris and Elena at a dinner party on Saturday night. So far, they aren't so interested in each other.
Elena and her best friend, upside-down mirror baby.
This is her this morning. She is also very, very drooly all of a sudden, which means that all of her cute outfits are covered up with a bib. At least this one is pretty cute, my aunt made it for me when I was a baby.
She likes to be wrapped up and have a pacifier when she goes to sleep, and this is where she is and what she's doing right now while I type this blog.

This was from a visit with Mimi and Poppy a few days ago.
Sucking her hand on her daddy's lap
This is the first time she was able to shake a rattle on her own.