elena's first suitor

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Here he is, folks: meet John Basil Cox. John Basil is the 9 month old son of our dear friends, Sunny and Brantley, who also spent much of their time around New City. As soon as we found out Elena was a girl, Sunny and Chris thought we should start talking about a betrothal. We don't have all the details worked out yet, but we thought we'd let you in on their progressing relationship from it's meddling parent-beginnings.

above is Elena's first Valentine. His note read: Roses are red -- Violets are blue -- I'm cutting teeth -- So I like to drool. Happy Valentine's Day, Elena Gray. Until we meet again, love and squishes, Don Juan Basil Cox

Sunny also sent these pictures of John Basil drooling (literally) over the first email we sent announcing Elena's birth. On one of them, you can actually see the drool.

stay tuned for further updates in the romantic lives of these guys!


Guenther said...

Hey Ones,

So glad to have these memories posted here! We're angling for the Jaybird's first words to be "Pretty Baby!"