pics from mom's camera

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sorry it's been awhile. My camera died, so I've been borrowing my mom's camera. I did just get a new one, but still have to figure out loading them on the computer. These pictures are off my mom's camera. Since she hasn't taken pictures off her camera since Avery did it right after Elena was born, some are old and some are new ones I took.
This is from last week. Elena recognizes Mimi now, and loves this scarf and her dangly earrings. She loves anything red, actually. Poppy and Elena. On another note, dad bought an RV yesterday. I am realizing that we need to take some pictures of "Poppy's Palace" as it's been dubbed. Maybe he'll get it written on it and replace the two checkered flags the previous Nascar-fan owners put on it...

She is in a put-everything-in-my-mouth faze (yes, I'm aware it'll go on for a long time...) Chris was showing her this turtle, and she lunged for it. striking a pose...
Her bib is constantly in her mouth now... And she can pull her dress completely over her head. And can pull her paci out of her mouth. It's hard to see because the paci is clear, but she's holding it.
We ran into the Phillips last week at Panera. Elena was a hit.

Old picture of Poppy and Elena.
My aunt DeAnn (Deedee) came to visit ehen Leni was 5 weeks or so.

Chris and Cami catching snowflakes (obviously awhile ago since it's currently 75 degrees)
Cami and Elena playing on the activity mat at Mimi's a couple of weeks ago.