Leni is changing so much all the time. This week she’s rolling everywhere, sitting up for longer periods of time, blowing zerberts, and loving being upside down as much as possible. She is such a fun baby. She loves to laugh and thinks everything we do is hilarious.

Elena likes to know where the music is coming from. For instance, she was only happy in church this morning if she was facing the band. Here, it's in the boombox. It doesn't hurt that it has red numbers. Eating cereal, time number 3. She took the spoon from me and only wanted to feed herself.
Uncle Nathan and Aunt Avery came to visit from Texas. Cami stayed with my parents for two nights while they were here, so there's lots of pictures of her this week because she loves being with Avery and Nathan and she loves being in pictures.
On Friday we took Elena for her first swim. I didn't know how she'd like it, since she does not like the fountains in Market Square during the market. But, she loved being in the water and kicking her feet under it. Cami picked out her bathing suit, so they both had purple bathing suits with a skirt, and were matchy match. (Cami's favorite thing to notice)

I think this picture is hilarious of Cami. Those goggles are just so absurd!
Elena thought the beach ball was delicious, particularly the red side.
Chris took these-he said this looks like her kung-fu abilities are coming in. She's not stacking blocks yet, but she likes to knock them over.
Everybody came to visit while we were at the market this week. And, I sold well above the cost of the booth this week, for the first time! So far, I've lost money every week (and it's onlu $15 to rent...) but this week made up for all that loss! I did pray about covering the cost of the booth this week, and God blessed it. I guess I should learn something from this about praying for the everyday stuff more and more.
Leni and Avery were matching in their blue, with the blue tent. Ave and Nathan brought Elena this outfit from Texas.
She is really going through a phase of wanting to be upside down the last few days. I guess it doesn't hurt her, but it looks pretty uncomfortable.

Sleeping on daddy's shoulder at market.
Her zerberts are hilarious. The most fun is when she tries to kiss us and zerbert at the same time. It's a mess, pretty much. This is mid-action.
Cami is so sweet to her "godsister". She loves to hug and kiss her, and really wishes she could touch her hair.
Everybody on the couch. It was fun to see Ave and Nathan so much. We're ready for them to come home! (hint, hint)

That's all for now. This weekend is Leni's first visit to her Nana and Grandpa's house, and her first time to meet her great-Grandma, and Chris's 28th birthday, so lots to come, I'm sure!


David and Samantha said...

I have looked at your blog a few times now, but did not leave a comment until now because we ahd not spread our news yet. But, you do a good job of keeping it up to date. Looks like you are enjoying motherhood. Maybe we'll see you guys again someday!