We think Leni might be teething-she's just drooly, fussy, and chewing on everything, and has occasionally had a very low fever. One book mentioned letting them chew on carrots before they have teeth since it'll help them get used to a healthy flavor, it stays cold better than those teething rings (which you aren't, apparently, supposed to put in the freezer), and they don't break off in little pieces. She very much likes them. Flowers from our anniversary are delicious.
And flowers from the yard are too.
This is when we gave her the carrot. She really wanted what was in my bowl. Really alot.
Saturday we got a package from John and Susan. Elena helped open it.

It had a pretty dress for Leni! Susan made it especially for her, so she wore it Sunday morning and we took pictures.
Playing in the grass with daddy while mama staked tomatoes.
Where did that mama go?
With Mimi on Memorial Day. We thought about trying to figure out how to grill, but it was much easier (and fun) to go let dad do it. And, we watched Borat. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Funny, but oh so wrong.

It might be a little atrocious that I just uploaded 34 pictures that I've taken in the last three days, and those are the good ones. I deleted at least that many. Chris might have a point when he calls me the paparazzi, though he's not much better. This weekend, my sister and Nathan are coming in town, so I'll wait until after their visit to post.