Well, after last week's slim pickings for pictures, we've made up for it with a whopping 29 this week! I got some other people's pictures from the reunion, a couple of pictures from Ave, and then it's just been a busy week and I've brought my camera. First, a few from the reunion.
This is Robert Cannon and Wendy Southworth. Robert and I were pretty good friends in high school-both in drama stuff and I gave him rides to school for awhile.
Talking to Jody Sumner-his sister and my sister were good friends through college. And still, I guess.
These were some of the guys from my youthgroup in my graduating class.

While we were in San Antonio a few weeks ago, mom bought Elena an exersaucer because she loves to stand, but no one can hold her up all the time, plus she gets sore from that much holding. We figured Avery and Nathan would be able to use it anyway-they'll move back eventually and maybe Leni can still use it, or when they have friends over with kids, or for their own. Titus had a different use...

Elena is 4 months old, and the doctor said that her iron supply from birth would be depleting by now, so we need to give her rice cereal. I am doubtful, since everything I've read says to breastfeed exclusively to 6 months, but hate to go against doctor's orders, and figured it might be fun anyway. She's only had it twice in the two weeks since we went, and he wanted her to have it twice a day, so I guess we're mostly ignoring him. Anyway, here's her first taste. It was fun, and a huge mess.
Cami spent the night this week. She wanted a picture with Elena since they were matchy-matchy in their stripes.

Mom got a catalog from Fisher Price and looked to see what Leni should be playing with now. These blocks were labeled 6 months, which seems young to us, but we had them already, so we got them out. We weren't sure if the age labels are like clothing or not-if it says 6 months in clothing, that's the end of when they'll be able to wear it. So, if it says 6 months, does that mean that's when they should start playing with it, or be able to master it? If you know, leave me a comment. Anyway, we got them out and she loves them, and definitely understands already that they go in the holes on the lid. I don't think she understands all my babbling about shapes and colors and my turn, your turn, but she likes gathering them up and trying to take the lid on and off anyway.
While Cami was here the other night, I let her have a popsicle in the bathtub. She likes them, and they're so sticky, it seemed to make sense. Anyway, I got one, too, and mine was red. As Elena likes anything of mine and anything red, she wanted it very, very badly. I let her lick it, and she loved it. Probably not the ideal first food... Anyway, I let her have another lick a couple of days later. Her hands were so sticky, but she liked holding it while she licked.
This is the quilt that Chris's aunt Vernie made for Elena. It is one of her favorite things to look at. She sits pretty well on her own now, but leans to reach things and falls over.
This is our newest money and earth saving activity. Oddly, I know a little about line drying since that's what we did in Moldova. And, Chris reminded me that Europeans typically don't have dryers, primarily since they're so expensive to use. I guess it's still something new, and the novelty will wear off, but it's kind of fun for now.
More blocks, and trying to eat the container.

Mom was over visiting the other day, and this was the ""toy" of choice. It's red...
Some mama and baby bonding time. She loves to touch our faces, and has started giving me "kisses", where she pushes her mouth on my cheek.
Chris was giving her a bath the other day, and she was trying to catch the cup with her mouth. She'd touch her mouth and nose to the water and blink really hard. It was fun until she tried to breathe that way.
I had to pack up my school stuff this week, but Tiffany was still using some of it, so I went back yesterday to pick it all up, which was the last day of school and the teacher cook-out. It was nice to see everyone, and Elena was a hit, as usual.

She was getting ready to eat by the end. Casey was my co-teacher for science and social studies. Her last name is hyphenated, and she has a booth at the market also, plus she lives close, so we were a pretty good match.

Singing with the Avett Brothers and daddy.
The good song ended and the next song was slow. We hate it when that happens!
The light was pretty here. Yesterday was our anniversary (4 years!) I'll write more about that later, but these are the flowers he brought home. Elena got one in her fingers...
Close up of Mimi and Leni. Leni's had to get used to Mimi's new hair-it's not red and made of cloth anymore!

On our anniversary. We left Elena with mom and dad for a couple of hours, and went to Macaroni Grill for dinner and Marble Slab for dessert! Maybe not on the baby-weight loss diet... We had a great time, and Elena did pretty well too.

Last night in the car on the way home, she was trying out a new laugh. It was hilarious.
It's a little blurry, but sweet. She was trying to put her fingers from one hand and thumb from the other in her mouth.
She would spit out her paci and try to pick it back up with her big open mouth. She's getting better-she did manage to grab it, turn it the right way, get it in her mouth, and get her thumb out of it once.
This morning. She sleeps in her own bed until she wakes up to eat between 4 and 6. If I lay her back in our bed after that, she will sleep a couple more hours.