This weekend we went to Chris's parents to visit and for his grandmother to meet Elena for the first time (and for Chris's 28th birthday on Sunday!) She spent lots of time outside touching Nana and Grandpa's plants. Four generations!
Susan and I took Elena outside to take some pictures in the grass. We took lots, but mostly she was interested in eating them.

Grandma made a card for Elena to write in for Chris's birthday/father's day. She brought the construction paper from Mississippi. She also made him a birthday cake using a box mix and frosting she brought with her. I thought that was pretty endearing-I guess they might not have had box mixes in Kentucky.

Grandma also brought Leni a doll, which she liked lots.
Again, this is how she likes to be as much as possible. This is Friday night with John, but on Sunday at church, this was her preferred method of sitting. She'd sit up, look at you, and throw herself back over and over. Until, of course, the preacher started and it was quiet. Then she decided to sing, so mama had to take her out.

She loves these shape sorting blocks. She doesn't really understand how to do it yet, but she does like to take off the lid and dump them out.

Susan bought this shape puzzle toy, and put pictures of her and John on the shapes! They are the perfect size and weight, but Chris likes to say that she's eating Grandpa's head.
A very happy Leni.
In our Sunday best in the yard.
In Susan's dress, trying again with the flower pictures! Leni and the dress were big hits at church.

It was a good, laid-back weekend with lots of good visiting and lots of attention for Elena. She sure is a well-loved girl!
Pray for Chris's Grandma. She's selling her house in Mississippi and moving to an assisted living center in Kentucky July 1, so it's a hard transition for her after living in Meridian 64 of the last 89 years, and the last 40 in this house.


Susan said...

Okay, here's a comment for you---thanks a million!!! Great pictures, great explanations, and most of all a great weekend! We love all of y'all SO much!
Susan AKA Nana

thelittletons said...

Happy Birthday Chris! John's just a year and a day older :-)

Kevin and Amber Antoine said...

Elena looks like a cute little cherub to me! Thank you so much for sharing what adorable pics! Love Amber (and Kevin)