It's Father's Day!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

It's Chris's first Father's Day, so we tried to do what he likes best! Being outside! We went to church and he helped with worship, then we came home, fed ourselves and the baby, and went to the mountains. We walked up to Look Rock, went to a creek in Townsend, and went to the Burger Master for dinner. (Tappans will know what that is, for sure) It was a really nice day. This actually starts in the afternoon, and the last part is from the morning.

On our walk to Look Rock, Elena was asleep the whole time, so Chris carried her and the front pack, separately. (she did wake up at the top) I don't know how this was comfortable for her, but she liked it.
We managed to figure out the timer! As it turns out, I couldn't figure out how to get it far enough away that you could see us, and get as much of the mountains as I'd like. Elena isn't looking at the camera, but there wasn't anyone that way to get her attention.
I thought this one was pretty sweet! She usually likes to face out, but was pretty sleepy. She did keep licking the straps facing this way.
She loved the water at the creek! She kept lunging for it and wanting to get in it, so we pretty much let her and just changed her clothes.

I especially love this one of her hands in the water making ripples.
It looks like she's flying. Chris is holding her like that, and she liked it for a little while.

Jumping from rock to rock-I couldn't manage to get the action and both faces...
I added this one in because I thought it was neat and you can't see anything-but it was time for her to eat while we were out there, and since it was much cooler there than in the car, that's where we stayed. She liked it, and acted like she was starving! Chris was really hoping some tubers would come by so he could take their picture passing our nursing "island", but no such luck.
I went to order at Burger Master (grilled cheese with tomatoes, onion rings, and chocolate-pb shakes-mmm!) and when I came back, this was the site that I had before me! Nudey baby!
I got a picture of the Burger Master, just for fun.

Okay, these are from this morning. Chris called me in to see her-she had figured out how to pull up the blankets on her and thought it was pretty hilarious!

Leni would like whatever mama has, please! We gave Chris a mug with her footprints on it for Father's Day. Elena is showing him how to drink out of it.

Happy Father's day to all of you dads who read this blog, and especially to our own fathers! We love you very much and feel very blessed to have all the parents that we do.


David and Samantha said...

What a fun day for you guys. Elena is so pretty! You are looking good too Ashley.