Our week-and five months old!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Two posts at once! Thirty-five pictures is just too much for one, so I broke it down into Father's day and the rest of the week. This week was a busy one! Monday we volunteered at Beardsley Farm, Tuesday we took Cami and Elena to Go Diego Go! The Great Baby Jaguar Adventure! Wednesday and Thursday I worked (I'm working at dad's office now) and Friday I had an eye doctor's appointment! Whew-a little busy for my taste! Plus our regular stuff through the week. Go Diego Go was really fun-Cami had a great time, and it was much more interactive and fun than Princesses on Ice. Much. I would highly recommend going to things in the Civic Auditorium rather than the Civic Coliseum.

Here's Chris and Cami on our way to the show! They didn't allow pictures in the auditorium, so this is about it for shots of that. Visiting daddy at work.

Elena can now get her toes in her mouth! I've been really looking forward to this-it just looks so fun, but she's not that into it.

Elena loves Jack! Mostly, she loves to try to grab at him. Jack isn't so sure about her, but he's realized that he'll get pet because we'll hold her hands to pet him, so he comes around a lot now. It's kind of hard to keep them apart, actually, and they can't be together without lots of supervision!
Susan made this outfit with Elena's name on it before she was born, and I have put it on her three times with the goal of making a picture. It's really cute, and every single time I have put it on her, she has managed to either spit up (which she almost never does) or leak poop on it (which is also rare) before I've gotten a picture. This one isn't great, but we had to change her immediately after it, because of the previous mentioned things.

At the market. I've almost sold out of the stuff that I have had living in my basement for years, so I either need to make more stuff or quit, because my booth looks pretty sad now. But, it's been good for some extra income!
Petting the kitty, not that nicely, actually.
We were raising our hands for something, and now we can't remember what, but she liked it!
Just thought I'd show her random balding patches. She'll have a rat tail pretty soon, though.
Playing with mama.

First time in our real playpen! We had the bassinette part on it until two days ago, and had her toys in half of it. Now she's big enough that you can't let her roll on the ground on a blanket without constant supervision, because she'll roll under the playpen, or off the blanket and bonk her head on the hardwood (it hasn't actually happened yet, but it would if we didn't fix it quick!). She likes it, so far.

Happy with daddy.
Watching TV. We hate it, but she loves tv. We wanted to watch a little something mindless after our super busy week, and so watched the last part of Addams Family Values on TV, and when we turned her away from it, this is what she did.
Being super sweet with daddy!
And, finding out that daddy tastes delicious. Chris was looking for her teething toy-no teeth yet, but she likes the cold toys, and she grabbed and licked.