Five months and one week

Sunday, June 24, 2007

This week was (thankfully) more laid back than the last one. Cami stayed with us on Friday night and hung out with us part of Saturday. We didn't have a booth at market this week because I'm running low on inventory and just didn't get it done this week (but the house is relatively clean!) but we did go to visit.
Elena is a big, big talker now. And she would really love to grab and eat the kitty. We've tried explaining that she's a vegetarian, but she doesn't seem to be grasping that yet.
A sweet girl. Look at those ears-they might be my favorite part. They just stick out enough to be unbelievably adorable, but not enough that they'll stick out later. I really love them.

Daddy's head is delicious. Right after this, I got a picture of a bad-taste face. Apparently, not so delicious after all.
Upside down, as always.
Cereal eating time number 4. It's been almost a month since last time. So much for following the orders of twice a day... She did like it better this time-I mixed it with apple juice instead of formula, because she really hates formula.

She would like that black flashy thing, please.
Elena and Cami really get along well. Elena would like to grab Cami now. She loves to listen to her talk. Of course, it's much louder here when Cami's around!
Cami and her "godsister".

We went to Fort Kid on Friday, and there ended up being a festival at Worlds fair park. Cami had so much fun in the fountain.

I shaved Chris's head Saturday morning while Elena took a nap. Cami thought all that hair was really weird. She liked sweeping it off the step. Behind her is my new (used) bread machine. So far, we've only made grana padano-rosemary-black pepper bread, but it was delicious!
Cami at the second fountain in two days.
This is how Chris and Elena looked when I got home from the store today. She played with daddy until she just couldn't do it anymore.

That's all for this week. I always think that I don't have any pictures, and then by the end I have 150, even if it's slow. So, while I think we don't have anything going on this week, I'm sure there's more than I think. Have a good week.