5 months, 2 weeks

Monday, July 02, 2007

This was a pretty regular week for us-kind of slow and low key. My parents came back from their vacation, so we've been spending a good bit of time visiting in Farragut. This coming week is a little different-Chris is helping his Grandma move to Mount Washington, KY, to be closer to his parents. Keep her in mind as this will be a hard transition-she's lived in Mississippi for over 40 consecutive years, and for about 60 (I think) of her whole life.

Last Sunday, Elena was helping me sort coupons. She still loves, loves, loves paper.

Jack managed to get in the bedroom and hid under some paper. Elena discovered him.

I put a blanket on the floor for her to play on, since hardwood is, well, hard. She immediately scooted off of it and started banging her toys on the floor, which has become a favorite pasttime since. We have also, since, bought a big rug.

Cami visited the other day, and she and Elena wore matching outfits. Mom bought the in Yellowstone, and Elena still needs to grow into hers a little, but Cami really loves things to match. I thought these were pretty sweet of the "godsisters".

Mimi is delicious. For some unexplainable reason, Elena loves to get skin in her mouth.

She was helping Poppy make muffins, and loved the handle on the measuring cup.

Mom's cousin, Renee, her daughter, Chelsea, and her nephew, Zack, came through town last night and we all had dinner together. It was nice to visit, and was Elena's first time to meet them.

Last night, she got ahold of Chris's cup. It didn't have anything in it, but she loved it anyway.

That's all for now.


Renee Pullen said...

Hey, This was my first visit to a blog. Enjoyed all the pictures. So glad to see yall again and to meet Elena. Saw your mom, dad and Cami at the Nashville Airport on Tues after I dropped Zach off. Renee