Happy late 4th

Sunday, July 08, 2007

We've had a relatively slow week. Chris helped his Grandma move, which seemingly went better than expected, so thanks for any prayers in that direction. Chris talked to her yesterday, and she's adjusting-and today is her 89th birthday. So, Happy Birthday Grandma!
While Chris was gone and my parents were in Texas with Cami, Elena cut her first two teeth! She did pretty well, but didn't feel good and you could tell they hurt her. She's still trying to massage her gums on everything-we're washing lots of teething rings. She's also decided that she hates her pacifier now-I guess it feels funny in her mouth with the teeth. Also, because she was teething, we stayed close to home on the fourth.
She still loves her kitty, and tries to get him to come to her by banging her arm up and down and breathing heavily at him. Obviously, this has the reverse desired effect.

For the fourth, we decided we needed to do something, even though we couldn't go to the Morgans as we had previously planned. I wanted fireworks, and we needed dinner, so we headed toward Exit 407. We ended up stopping in Straw Plains at a Weigels and getting smoke bombs and snap pops, since that's all they can sell in Weigels, but it satisfied my firework need. Then we went to Waffle House, which was really fun.

Elena looking over the menu.

She's become quite the gymnast. She loves the toes only on her left foot, and she only bangs her right arm up and down. I don't know what that means for her "handedness".

Even though we didn't really get fireworks, we went up to Cityview Baptist to watch them all around town. It is amazing the quality of fireworks they sell to regular people now. There were lovely ones all around us.

Here is a picture of her teethies a few days ago. She doesn't like you to touch them.

This week was First Friday at the downtown art galleries. It's Elena's first-First Friday. Mostly, it means lots of people are out and you walk around and look at stuff and eat free food. Abode is our new favorite place, as they had rootbeer floats, a 3 week old baby, and really, really cute knit baby hats.

A picture of my pea in a pod against Gay Street. She is so content in this sling, and we get tons of comments about it.

Sleeping on mama after nursing last night. She is our sweetest girl.

In the next 7-10 days will be Leni's baby dedication, our vacation with the Tappans, and hopefully a trip to pick blackberries, so the next posting should be more and more fun pictures.