Last Sunday we went to Cancun restaurant with Mom and Dad. While we all ate chips and queso, Elena ate her new book "That's Not my Dinosaur". She really liked the pinatas hanging from the ceiling.

Not exactly a ball-but at least it's citrusy! I did wash it before I grated the zest...

We called this game "fishing for kitties". Later we "fished for Elena", which was pretty funny to Chris and I.
Daddy's head continues to be hilarious.

Last night we kept Cami and met with her grandparents to visit. We went to the duck pond in Fountain City. Elena kept busy by touching bark and pulling off leaves.

Gigi, Pap, and Cami.

Jack is Leni's favorite toy now. She watches him everywhere. It is a little annoying when he gets on the couch while I'm feeding her, because he is much more interesting than Mama.
She is so, so close to crawling. Last night she could get her legs up, and her arms, but her face was planted on the ground. This morning she could get on all fours and her head up, but she can only crawl backwards.

And, now we can say Mama. Sometimes it's just a sound she can make, and sometimes it means "pick me up" or "my teeth hurt", but sometimes it is definitely just "mama".