7.5 months and my 28th birthday

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Here are some pictures from the last week and today (my birthday!). Leni's started eating Cheerios, and it's hilarious. For a couple of days, she didn't get a single one in her mouth. Now she gets maybe 10% of them, but she grabs them ferociously. It does mean that occasionally we can both eat an entire meal at the same time. Elena's also figured out that it's pretty funny to feed mama cheerios, so I've eaten quite a few out of her damp, grubby hands. Happily, which is a little gross. She's also started raising her arm in hello and goodbye and acknowledgement of people, which is cute. No waving-just a gesture of seeing you.

Sitting with daddy. I thought her expression was pretty sweet.

She loves Jack. Sometimes Jack loves her, this day he was not so sure.
Since we're feeding her pasty stuff like cereal and avocado, she needs drinks in between bites sometimes. We have started the sippy cups, but have also found these apple juice boxes that are half juice, half water. I mainly bought them for Cami, but have given them to Leni twice. She likes them, and can suck through the straw.
She loves walking. She will hold on to your hands and start going where she wants, so, so happily. We went to a baby bookworm group at the library this week, and she wanted to get down and run around with the other kids.
This is what she does when she gets a cheerio in her mouth-kind of holds it in the front until it's soft.

Talking to her aunt Avery the other day-she loves to hear people talking to her on the phone, which is fun, but it does make it a little less fun when she wants it when someone isn't talking to her. Cute, though-especially when she recognizes a voice.
Hi-5 with daddy. She still doesn't get it, but she does like it when we do it.

Today was my birthday, which started with Chris making us breakfast and posting birthday letters (which you can see in a later picture). He (and Leni) also got me cards and chocolate. Chris had to work today, obviously, so we had mama/baby day. I've had pottery painted for lots of people, but nothing for me with her foot/handprints on it, so we fixed that today! Then we met Chris for lunch. Leni and I went browsing through some fun art-gallery-esque stores, then went to a work thing for Chris. It ended up that one of the people he works with brought her 10 month old, Hayden, and Elena liked trying to play with him.

Cheerios at lunch.
Reaching for Hayden.
Drinking from daddy's cup.
Also, in the mail today, Elena got her passport! She tried to eat it, of course.
With mama and her birthday signs

Mama and Leni
Tonight we went to King Tut's with my parents for dinner, then back to our house for cake and presents. King Tut's is a one of a kind place. Moe, the owner, really liked Elena and turned on his lights and disco ball for her. She was fairly entranced.

Moe showing Elena how to ride a tricycle.
Opening presents-Elena liked the paper. Mama got lots of fun things for us to go shopping for! Thanks Mom and Dad-hooray for gift cards!

That's the end of the night. We spent the rest of the evening watching a movie on TV, and Leni is asleep. I thought once that watching TV seemed sort of anti-climatic. But really, the more I thought about it, anti-climatic is exactly what I want this year to be. 27 was absolutely the best and worst year of my life, and I can happily go through this next year with a lot less drama. But, a year ago today was when me just being "pregnant" became "it's a girl" which almost immediately became "Elena's on her way"-and that has been the beginning of a journey that I can't wait to continue on forever. I am astounded every day at how much I love my girl.