almost 7 months

Sunday, August 12, 2007

This week has been pretty slow-actually, it's so hot that we just aren't getting out much. We've traded cars with Chris so that it's not so miserable when we do get out-Volkswagons just aren't made for 99 degree weather, and since he leaves before it's hot and parks in the shade, it's not so bad.

Leni is pretty silly and has had a good week. I still need to work on getting her on more of a schedule-we really have almost none and I think she'd do better with one.

This is the perfect it's-not-mine-so-I-want-it toy-big, cold, red, plastic, and not hers. We had people over last week and had it left over, and it was pretty fun for her. Cami spent the night and Elena got quite a kick out of her godsister. When she stayed with Mimi last week, she had a bunch of pictures of Elena out and was saying "one little, two little, three little godsisters"-I guess sort of like "one little, two little, three little Indians". Cute.
It was hot to be outside, so we stayed under the shade of the porch and played play-doh.

We bought these blocks at a consignment sale, which is where we buy lots of stuff now. Cami really liked playing with them.

Jack is so happy when Cami comes over now-lots of concentrated attention!

The church play day was this Saturday, and while we didn't go for long because of the heat, it was nice to get out and visit with people from church. Leni's sitting with Robin, just kind of hanging out.

Slow posting for this week. I've worked lots this week, and will this coming week, so probably skim for a few weeks. Leni's getting so strong and big, and is getting so much funnier through the days. She's pulling up pretty regularly, and thinks it's hilarious, and she wants to eat everything. We're still nursing for the most part, but she's eating one meal with cereal and a fruit and vegetable, and then tasting different things through the day. For instance, today she had about an eighth of a waffle at breakfast, some honeydew, a little asiago bagel, and a few tastes of daddy's cookie at lunch, and then her meal of oatmeal, peach yogurt, and green beans. The oatmeal is pretty blah smelling, so I put cinnamon in it, which she really seems to like. She's still not crawling, just scooting, and we're wondering if she is going to crawl or not. She's also really started saying "mama" lots this week-she had pretty much quit, but it is so sweet when she says it. She's also holding up her hand in a kind of acknowledgement of hi and bye, though it isn't really either yet.