chattanooga and the corn maze

Sunday, October 14, 2007

This week we tagged along when Chris went to Chattanooga. Leni and I spent all day in the shops and area around Coolidge Park. I didn't take too many pictures since she was attached to me much of the day, but did get a few in the park. I also wish I could have gotten pictures of her at the fountain-my kid isn't afraid of spraying water!

Here she is with leaves in both hands. The more dead, the better.
Playing at Mimi and Poppy's house with the muffin liners.
Fredda broke her arm and can't write, so her other "big sister", my mom, church people, and I are trading off helping her with homework every night. She came to our house on Thursday where we did homework for 2 hours and 45 minutes. Seventh grade is a lot of work! She let Elena hold her piglet pen, which lit up and which Elena was entranced with.

Our highlight of the week was a trip to the corn maze with our small group. Guys and girls split up to see who could get the most punches on their card first. There are two mazes, so we were aiming to get 6 punches. By the time we got our six, the guys had finished with the six, gone on to the second maze, gotten six there, and were still waiting for us at the end. Maybe it's true that they're innately better at maps!
Here's Leni with Samantha on the hayride to the pumpkin patch.
The whole crew on the hayride (minus me, taking the picture)
Leni's bunny hat. She was not so sure about this whole activity.
Erik and Sonya looking a little geeky with their headlamps.

Leni picking out pumpkins-it was dark, so we just took pictures and hoped we got something.
Daddy and Leni picking out a pumpkin.
Leni as a cornstalk.
Regena holding her for part of the corn maze-we left the front pack in the other car.

Amber and Sonya trying to figure out where we were.

A little bit cold and very snuggly with her mama.
All the girls
Mom bought this jacket before Elena was born. It was supposed to fit at three months and just now fits. I love it, though she looks a little like a gnome.
Eating zaatar bread. For those of you who don't know, zaatar is a middle eastern spice mix mainly of sesame seeds, green thyme, and sumac. She loved it and ate it again for lunch today.

I'll have another post in a couple of days of our house-dad and Chris are painting it as I type!


The Luchauers said...

Yea! Awesome pics Ashley! You know you love the headlamps :) We had so much fun with you guys. My favorite is Elena in the bunny hat! So cute.

David and Samantha said...

I can't wait to see some pics of your freshly painted house! What a great feeling. We had fun at the maze too! Elena was so great!