our pretty "new" house!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

We just returned tonight from a cruise with my family, which will have a couple of posts with tons of pictures and details. However, this is a post that I intended to get out before now and didn't get the chance to since we were packing, and since the house took much longer to paint that we anticipated.
Here is our house before we painted... Here are some pictures of Chris, Dad, Avery, and Nathan working on the house-we planned to wash it one Sunday, get it ready for painting that week, and paint it the next Saturday. Which, went according to plan until the "next Saturday" part, which extended until Tuesday... (mom also helped by watching Elena, but I didn't get pictures of her...)

And-here's what it looks like now! Oddly, it looks fairly similar in pictures, but in real life, it's quite dramatic. Before, we had a weird teal color on the top only, now the whole house is sage with an off-white yellow tinted trim. It really looks amazing.

So, new roof, new paint, plus a whole lot of things we've done that you can't see that just have to be done because it's old. It's been a busy year and a half!
I do want to take this chance to really thank my family for jumping in and helping out. It ended up being a much, much bigger job than any of us anticipated and they really stuck it out with us. Thanks and we love you! More posts coming soon-professional nine month pics and cruise pics!


The Luchauers said...

The house looks AWESOME!! Way to go guys. That green is the perfect color...I can't wait to see it in person.

David and Samantha said...

I can't wait to see it in person either! It looks very nice though! Good job.