thursday thanksgiving

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I am a blog stalker, and one of the blogs I stalk is the unsinkable kristen chapman. If you go to the luchauer's page, then the hughes, then kristen, that's where it is. yep, I read blogs on other people's blogs. it's sick. anyway, she has started posting a list of what she's thankful for every thursday, and it seems like a nice idea, especially since i was listening to dr. dobson on the way home today talk about happy marriages, and the ones that focus on the good do significantly better than the ones that focus on the bad. which, makes sense. so, we'll see if i can keep it up, but here's my start for this week.

1. two and a half hour afternoon naps by a certain darling baby girl
2. for rich's sermon this week on marriage-and a sleeping baby girl so that i could actually hear it
3. for magic erasers-i recently bought one of those which i never buy things off commercials, and it is absolutely amazing. i am magic erasering my whole house now
4. for a quiet afternoon after a very busy morning to make chocolate chip cookie dough so i don't have to plan for small group snack or for esl snack
5. for seeing elena's first taste of chocolate chip cookies today, which was very excited
6. for a 3-of-us date to see matthew and katie tonight-in a few minutes!
7. for a musically talented husband who had some alone time, but which provided Elena's dinner and my kitchen cleaning with lovely background music
8. for a painting by john ringhoffer that we love that we just got custody of
9. for friends with slightly older babies to bounce things off of
10. for moxi at my parents house to watch the office another day since we're missing it tonight
11. for a short work week for chris next week
12. for exactly the right amount of the right lace left at gina's to finish munchkin's birthday dress
13. for avery and nathan being back and getting settled by maybe both finding jobs this week
14. for fredda's broken arm requiring more time spent with her-and time to remember how much i enjoy her company
15. for mom being close to watch elena today so i could work without distraction, and for dad having a place for me to have a job to not leave her all the time

okay, this is a nice activity. i'll stop there because it's time to go, but i'm really going to try to do this. i feel in a better mood already.