cades cove and our week

Friday, November 16, 2007

thought I'd go ahead and post some pictures from the week, since the last blog didn't have any. Petting the kitty. We're pretty sure she says the "aa" sound for Jack. She definitely knows his name, and if you ask where he is and hold her hands, she'll walk around and look for him. Poor Jack. Chris had Monday off so we went to Cades Cove. This is Leni sitting in the little Methodist church, which is our favorite and there's a scale model in her room.
Playing in the field behind the cemetery behind the church.
At the cantilever barn towards the end of the cove, there were tons of ladybugs! Hundreds-and she really really loved them.
I think this is my favorite picture of the month!
Touching ladybugs with mama

Out of her carseat-we figured that when we're going in a line of people less than 10 miles an hour, it's probably safe enough for her to be out of it. She was very happy about that. Being sweet with her bear
I lost my very beloved sling. I still hold that I left it at the hospital while she was sick, but I can't find it anywhere and I've called everywhere I've been. It was $36, which is a lot for a sling, and when I tried to order another, they've gone up to almost $60. Well, that's ridiculous. I ended up finding the blog of the place where I got it before, and she had the pattern on the blog! Free! So, for $15, I just made my own, and it fits better! Here we are modeling it-since I cut it to fit exactly, she can sit on my hip instead of just buddha style
I meant to post this earlier, but just never did take a picture. Yes, it's a trophy in the shape of a cruise ship. Chris won the ship ping pong tournament, and this was his prize. It's still on the mantle, which is kind of funny.

Hanging with Aunt Avery, which is going to be our new favorite activity since she got the job at Knox County and can get to our house in no time, and since we go downtown every Wednesday and can eat lunch with her!
Modeling her new hair bow. It's got a silver button in the middle engraved with her initials. Maybe a little while before she wears this one in reality...
Elena with her new fun game-she's got top teeth, so she likes to feel them. But, she's big enough this time that if you stick out your tongue too, she thinks it's a game and will keep doing it.
Happy girl!
Last night we went to the Matthew Perryman Jones/Katie Herzig/some other guy show and it was great! The first two are two of our favorites-lately Katie's cd has been in the player on a very regular basis...and was on Gray's Anatomy on Halloween! It was dark, so I couldn't really take pictures, but I did take this one after. Yes, after. She stayed up the whole time. She did dance and clap, though, which was cute. It was nice to see New City people, and it was nice to go to a small show of theirs. It would have been nice for them, I'm sure, if a lot of people had come, but it was nice for it to be really small and for us to mostly all know each other.

That's all for now! Tomorrow is semi-thanksgiving with my family, then Leni and I go to Fantasy of Trees Wednesday, then we leave Wednesday afternoon for Mississippi, where she'll meet lots of Chris's family she hasn't met before, and see the whole crew she hasn't seen in a little while. So, lots to come, I'm sure. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!


David and Samantha said...

Hope your Thanksgiving is fun! I love the hair bow!