thankful thursday

Saturday, November 24, 2007

It's week two, and I'm already behind on my Thankful Thursdays. As it turns out, the wireless in our hotel didn't work with our computer, although we found out later it did work with Cliff's, so I probably could have done it anyway. So, this week it's Thankful Saturday.

1. I am thankful for Elena's early nap on Wednesday so that she could nap happy and be awake for Baby Bookworms, Fantasy of Trees, and lunch with Aunt Avery all in a row.
2. I am thankful for not leaving for Meridian until I had time to go to Fantasy of Trees for the first time in years, and for Leni's precious face at all the lights. There's another blog with lots of pictures to come very soon.
3. I am thankful that Thursday at Coot's went well and that Chris and I agreed it was the most enjoyable Thanksgiving lunch we've ever had there.
4. I am thankful for lots of time for Leni (and us) to visit with Chris's family, and especially for Leni's adoration of her uncle Cliff, which was uber-sweet. What is it about her uncles?
5. I am especially mostly thankful that we were able to get up early this morning and were home from Mississippi at one. Considering the trip there, pretty amazing. That's with over an hour and a half of stops. This is what happens when your baby kicks you in the night, and you look at the clock to realize that you have to get up in thirty minutes anyway, so you might as well get up now. We left at 4 Meridian time...yikes.
6. I am thankful for gerber puffs and Leni's utter adoration of them, hence buying some car time.
7. I am thankful that it's not my sewer that's backed up, though I am sorry for the neighbors.
8. I am thankful that Nigella Lawson's show is moving to Sunday nights instead of Sunday mornings.
9. I am really thankful for Leni's new hat that came in the mail today (which you will have to wait a few days for pictures of) but is absolutely hilarious
10. I am thankful for after Thanksgiving sales, 15 dollar pants, and most especially, the loss of two pant sizes.

That's this week. I'm pretty exhausted, so I'm sure in a few hours I'll be thankful for a clean kitchen and finished laundry, but not yet!