Thanksgiving and the week before

Saturday, November 24, 2007

We had a pretty busy week. The pictures are in order, so we start before Thanksgiving. The first ones are from last Saturday, when we had the Sprinkle-version of Thanksgiving, which means eating out. Cami was at the house when we got there, and she and Mom had gone to Target. Earlier that day, she had helped Avery wrap a gift for a friend, so when she got back from Target, she wanted to wrap her "surprises". One box had socks, tights, etc. in it, the other had a toothbrush, toothpaste, and other stuff in it. Then she asked for permission to open them, which was pretty funny. Here she had Nathan and Chris helping her wrap-Chris helped with the paper, Nathan held the tape. Mimi brought out one of Cami's old toys, and Leni really liked it.
For Thanksgiving, we went to Bravo for dinner. It was delicious.
These were just sweet of Leni. I put her in overalls, and she looked pretty adorable.

Gigi sent this dress, and another one that I just got tonight that went to Mom's house. It was sweet on the hanger, but it was even sweeter on her. The black and white looked really adorable on her. This is a very happy Leni pulling off her socks.
She really looked like Avery's baby pictures here. Those of you who knew her, let me know what you think.
Look how big she is! She can cruise these cabinets one handed now. It's so nice now that I can carry her and also go to the bathroom-she can just touch the wall. For those of you who carry your babies in a sling, you know what I mean-you can't ever go if you carry them!

The kittens down the street haven't figured out that she's a baby to be scared of yet...

This is a new daddy game-climb all over the pillows for daddy's keys!
I love the Fantasy of Trees, and I haven't been able to go for several years-either we were in Philly, or Moldova, or I was working and leaving right after work for Meridian, so this year I was determined. Leni LOVED it-her eyes were so giant at the lights. I carried her in a sling, so all of her pictures are where I set her somewhere to take her picture. This is the kids' play area. She was mostly interested in putting the blocks in her mouth, so we didn't stay here long.
They had free face painting. She looked at the girl every time she tried to put a dot on her face (it was going to be a candy cane). Then she rubbed her face, so we gave up. You can see how much she enjoyed it.

We rode the carosel, but since I was with her, this is the picture I got. Pretty cute, anyway. A couple of other people took her picture too...

There were kids on the stage singing-she kept pointing to lead me until we found them. She loved it, danced and clapped with them.

Taking some sweet pictures at the entrance...

This is my favorite of the day-maybe of this month or more. Just so sweet!

After Fantasy of Trees, we met Aunt Avery at Tomato Head for lunch. Leni liked her to squeeze her. We like Aunt Avery working downtown again-we plan to start meeting her most Wednesdays after Baby Bookworm class.
Wednesday afternoon we left for Meridian. Traffic was terrible, and it took us 9 hours to get there, and we didn't get there until 11:30. Then Leni was up until 1 am. On the way home, we used a different plan.
Grandma got this shirt for Elena. I think we might have to repost it bigger....if you can read it, enjoy.
Elena really liked chasing Slider, Vernie's cat. Aunt Pam and Uncle Cliff are helping her pet nicely here.
Uncle Cliff was Leni's favorite this trip-it was pretty sweet. Here she's happy Cliff's holding her, talking to Grandma.

Sitting nicely with Great Aunt Vernie-or I guess, Great-great.

At Thanksgiving dinner with a new bib from Great-great aunt Coot.
Very interested in Uncle Cliff's shoe
Watching football on TV-where did this kid come from?
Being sweet with Uncle Cliff...again

Playing with Great-great uncle Carter
Part of the crew..
Grandma and Coot talking.
The first whole group picture I've seen-I thought it was time-I haven't had any pictures of very many of this crew at all.
Pam (another one) and her youngest, Sydney showing Leni Cinderella.

Aunt Vernie had lots and lots of fun things-candy in a basket...

Susan and her best friend from school, Kaye (her other best friend is a Kaye too...)
and other fun things-yarn in an oatmeal container...
She sat forever reading with Nana and Grandma

Isn't her dress sweet? Susan made her a Christmas dress that the yoke comes off and there's a winter top underneath. She's a Christmas dress baby...Mom bought her one, I made her one, Gigi sent her one, Susan made her one, plus other Christmas casual outfits-I'm just trying to figure out how to get them all in pictures! I'm sure I'll have opportunities. We took family pictures too, but they're on Susan's camera, so we'll have to have Thanksgiving part two soon. It was a nice trip, and nice to see everyone. After seeing them all at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and her birthday, she'll know them pretty well! A slow week this week, which is nice.


David and Samantha said...

Looks like you had a fun Thanksgiving. As usual, some very sweet pictures!