Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I thought I'd go in order through the week, since it's been a busy one! Not only with Christmas stuff going on, but also because Leni is quite mobile these days, as you can see in these first few pics.

Here, she is trying to pull plastic bags out of the childproofed cabinet that she can only open an inch and a half. Under our coffee table-last night she was climbing under there with the cat to pet him.
In the box that our new farmyard waffle iron came in from Gigi and Grandad! Thanks!

Helping mama cook-she pulled the drawer of pasta, beans, and rice out on her own, and got in herself.
Our Christmas tree with all the pretty presents under it before we left for KY.
Our first Christmas stop was in Mt. Washington with Chris's family. Here, Grandpa is scooting Leni across the top of the couch, much to her delight.
Helping open presents.
Climbing over presents.

Being sweet with Nana for a minute-since she's so busy, she doesn't snuggle too much unless she's sleeepy.
Again, Leni likes her big uncles. Uncle Cliff was a favorite this week-here she's hugging his head.
She climbed in Aunt Pam's lap on her own.
We came back from Kentucky Sunday night, and left Monday to meet my mom's brother, sister, and brother in law in Chattanooga. We took the RV to have a place to visit. I didn't get nearly enough pics from this outing, but Leni also liked Uncle Steve, who it was her first time to meet. Again, big boys. Cami, on the other hand, was particularly fond of "Mimi's sissy's David". She took him to the walking bridge to show him the new trick she and Poppy figured out, which was to spit and say "hockapatouey". She told us later that she was spitting on that city. Cute. And, kind of gross.

It was Mimi's birthday, so we had a little party.

Christmas morning we stayed at our own house and opened presents, stockings, and Santa stuff. Here, Leni is sitting in a whole pile of pretend food.
Helping open daddy and mama's stocking-this was our gift to each other, and tickets to see Emmylou Harris, Patty Griffin, Shawn Colvin, and Buddy Miller in concert next month!

Opening presents, but not willing to let go of her plastic breadstick

We always have breakfast at my parents house for our big meal on Christmas, and since that wasn't going to be until later at night, we had to figure out some fun new tradition for our house for actual breakfast. We decided on biscuits with two toppings: syrup and butter from Chris's side, and chocolate gravy from mine. Well, from a babysitter's side, but I made it a few times, and it seems like a good idea for Christmas morning. Elena was a fan of both.
At mom and dad's-watching Cami
Cami really loved this present-Barbie cruise ship/party plane complete with working disco ball. Chris helped put it together...he might as well get used to girly stuff with a million pieces, I guess. Cami's favorite question of the day was "can I take this home with me?" She was very happy to know that the answer was yes for this one.
Crawling in Aunt Avery's lap.

Her favorite thing to drag around were Aunt Avery's new pjs from Gigi and Grandad.

Enjoying one of her gifts from Gigi and Grandad.
She loved this music box from mom and dad-and kept trying to get that tiny ballerina out!
She also liked this Elmo-he's her favorite on Sesame street, which she watches very occasionally.
They also gave her my old rocking chair-I think it's really pretty, and it matches her crib. She was a little small for it now, but has already played with it a few times today.

Merry Christmas to you all!


Samantha said...

Looks like you had a wonderful, busy Christmas! She is getting big!