Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

She's so big now-she opens her drawer and gets things out-particularly her favorite thing-her toothbrush! Here she has two of them-one for each hand. She really does love to brush her teeth. We thought she looked really smart here. One sock on, one off, pulled her arm out of her shirt, and put her paci in upside down.

Our church has ESL classes, and they ask for families who'd like to, to host an international family during the holiday season. We joined Scott and Darrie Robinson at our house to host this year. The family who came was from Korea, and we had a really nice time. Scott wrote down how to pronounce everyone's names, but I am embarrassed to say that I did not. I will try to find out the pronounciations from him to fill in.
This is Elena and Soon-Leni really liked her and wanted her the whole time.
Darrie was looking for something fun for the kids to do, and Chris's old Lego set fit! The daughter was Ayewon (I"m sure I spelled that incorrectly), and I can't remember how to pronounce the son's name. They were so well behaved for elementary age kids-they were really polite and nice.
Chris was playing a game where he swung Elena back and forth, and she LOVED it.

For New Year's Eve we went to the Harris's house with our small group. Leni stayed up until 12:30, though she was getting a little grumpy by the end. She had taken a four hour nap, so we're not completely terrible parents. She really disliked these noisemakers at first, but enjoyed holding them later. In fact, she fell asleep with one in her hand on the way home, and it left a stain on her hand in the shape of little strips!

Happy New Year! We had a good time visiting with everyone, especially since we ended small group about a month ago and hadn't seen them since. They hadn't seen Leni really walking either, but she proved she could by the end of the night. We didn't win at DVD price is right, but we had a great time! (and ate great snacks!)
She was so tired by the end, she just laid her head down where she could.
New Year's day we went to my parents for a good chunk of the day. Elena loves the stairs, and really liked putting her roly face between the bars. Aunt Avery helped her play on the stairs.
These chairs were in Cami's room that we cleaned out the other day, and while they're way too tiny for Cami, they are the perfect size for Elena. She carried at least one for a large part of the day, and sometimes two!
Well, happy 2008 to you all! After all the craziness of 2006, it was nice to have a relatively calm and happy 2007! Plus, the addition of the sweetest girl! We're praying for as nice of a 2008, for our family and all of yours. blessings to you.


David and Samantha said...

Glad you guys were able to ring in the New year with us. It was a fun, relaxed evening. Thanks for coming. Leni is so sweet.

thelittletons said...

Happy New Year to you guys! Elena is growing up so well- soon to be 1, right? What a darling!