Big news!!

Friday, January 04, 2008

What's that you say? The first one isn't even a year old yet...? That's right folks, we have some pretty big news to start our new year! We found out the day after Christmas (officially) that we're expecting another baby-we are the most fertile people in the entire world. If I gave you the details, you would understand. Honestly.

We "knew" in our heads about 2 weeks earlier, but wanted to wait until after Elena's first Christmas to make it official. We went for an ultrasound Jan. 2, which showed us pictures of newbie, and it's due August 17 (that's right, exactly 19 months after Elena-and, actually, the exact same day I was due), but they've already penciled us in for August 8th. Since we'll have a repeat c-section, they schedule you eight days early, which would put us at August 9th, which is a Saturday. Since doctors don't like to come in on Saturday, they're moving us to the 8th, which puts newbie's birthday at 08-08-08. Sounds lucky-anyone know anything special about the number 8? Easy to remember anyway...

I will say that I have had some trouble adjusting to the idea of two 18 1/2 months apart, but am getting there. I know, I know, they'll get along great and grow up to be close, great friends. Even though I'm not fully ready, Chris is looking forward to it more this time than last! Pray for us as we get ready for an even busier house.

See how teeny #1 is-and she's the biggest! (We have ultrasound pictures, but they show just about nothing, and I haven't scanned them yet)
This baby is brought to you courtesy of Michael and Debi Pearl, and their book "Created to be His Help Meet". I read the book and started newbie within a 2 day period. And, bought the smallest pants I've worn in a year and a half. Sigh. Small group girls, you might think twice about whether you want me to pass on the book or not...

-ashley (and chris, elena, and #2)


The Luchauers said...

(that's me screaming in excitement) Wow, fertile myrtle, this is crazy! You crack me up, you help meet you :) Congratulations to you guys, I'm really excited for you. I'm sure you were shocked, but I know you both will handle it like champs. God doesn't give us anymore than we can handle, right?

David and Samantha said...

Get that test out of her mouth!! Just kidding, I am sure you wiped it clean. Congrats again! You have the rest of your life to be on a diet....try not to worry to much about your pant size. You will do just fine.