this past week-11 1/2 months old

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

This is one of our new favorite outfits that we've had, but she can finally wear! It was pretty cold last week, so we broke out the mittens. She was not so sure-and kept looking at her hands. They didn't last long.

Poppy's birthday was Monday, but since Nathan was going to be out of town, we went to dinner on Saturday then came to our house to do presents. Elena liked going under Uncle Nathan's legs-like a bridge.
Loving her cabbage patch baby...
She is a good sharer. Maybe too good. When we go to baby class now, she offers Mrs. Linda back all her snowflakes, shaky eggs, instruments, snacks....or to the other kids. And, sometimes you just don't want to take what she's offering (i.e. toast bites that have already been in her mouth...) on the other hand, how could you teach her to NOT share? We figure it won't last forever. Here, she's sharing cabbage patch.

Carrying around bags from Poppy's gifts. Poppy is betting on a boy this time. Last time, we were sure it was a boy, and he bet $5 that it was a girl, and won. So, we'll see if he has the magic touch this time.
Making Uncle Nathan eat the bow.
She loves Jack, and now that she's mobile, she gets him more easily. She likes to "love" him.
The sticky out tongue is back. We're not sure what that means.

I went to the attic to get maternity clothes (sigh). There's just no use buying interim pants. Elena got this far without help, and would have gone farther if we let her.
It was really warm Monday and Tuesday, so we went to a park both days. She really liked this tube thing. This, and rocks. No slides or climbing equipment, please. Rocks. She cried when I took one out of her hand to get in the backseat.


She's really big into catching and chasing now. Here, she's hiding from daddy.

Daddy catching her!
See her reading choices? Brain Surgery for beginners-with a very smart looking zerbert face.
These are the things we do to get a few minutes of not-chasing-the-baby-getting-stuff-done time. She pulled out about 50...
A close up of her slippers. They have sports balls and say "go team!". It was either these or princess ones...and they didn't have her size in the princess ones, so I don't even have to really justify it.

That's all for this week, but next week she turns 1! So, between the 4 days of festivities and regular week pics, I'm sure it will be a monstrosity of a post.


thelittletons said...

Congratulations you guys! That is big news. Yeah, there is a couple here who gave birth to their 2nd son about 4 days after their first's 1st birthday. I couldn't even comprehend that a bit. 19 months isn't so close really, just think of what a big girl Elena will be then! Love you guys!

David and Samantha said...

Chris and Ashley,

I just got word of your news. You are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.