Happy Birthday Elena (part two)

Saturday, January 19, 2008

We succeeded in having a great weekend for Elena. She was a little surprised when all of her family people showed up at her house on Saturday! John, Susan, Grandma, Cliff, and Pam came over Friday night and Saturday morning to visit, and she opened some of her gifts from them then.

Playing peekaboo with Uncle Cliff through the chair.

We gave Aunt Pam magnet frame sets for her birthday, and Elena was pretty concerned that the "book" wouldn't open. She tried several people to get it to work, but no one was smart enough to figure out how to turn those "pages".
Opening her new marker set on Saturday morning.
Getting ready for the party. I had worked with her crazy schedule all week so that she would take a morning nap and then an afternoon nap, even though it was a week of having her go to bed at night at 11ish. As they say-the best laid plans... She slept ten minutes for the morning nap. She was in a good mood, though, so it worked out. Here are some pictures of the food, etc. from the day.
Our "garden" of vegetables...
Mama and Leni before the party. Her dress has chickens on it, and she really seemed to like it. I made it red, since that seems to be the color she always gravitates to, and it seemed to work!
Scrapbook station

Birthday hats-we found these farm animal ones instead of regular ones.

Cupcakes-it took forever to make these heads of fondant, but they turned out pretty cute. For whatever reason, the cupcakes I made exploded. I don't know if there was too much air or what. Anyway, after the stress of the past week, I wasn't up to exploding cupcakes, so I ordered plain, uniced cupcakes from Kroger, then finished them myself. They turned out pretty well.
Ice cream sandwiches with cow and pig heads
Elena having Uncle Nathan "love" her presents.

She stood in the middle of everyone, twirling around her dress. Pretty much adorable.

Grandad picked out a special necklace for Elena, and she loved the box the most.

These blocks stack really high, so daddy had to pick her up to reach the top.

She loved Deedee's tall boots, and her leg above them. She kept rubbing the boots and smiling, which was pretty hilarious.

Everyone had to wear these crazy hats, but this might be my favorite picture.
Happy Birthday Elena!

This might be my second favorite, for obvious reasons.

She really loved the glue stick, and carried it around for quite a while

John (Grandpa) made her this duck toy! She hadn't quite gotten the hang of it yet, but she liked looking at it up close!
My mom bought new sheets, blankets, etc. for my baby doll high chair and crib. Elena really loved it, and has been putting her baby to sleep since. Actually, this morning she went in and put her plastic horse to sleep also. Anyway, she didn't quite figure out the high chair, and put Little Huggums in upside down.

By the end, she was a sleepy girl. She laid with mama for awhile, then went to sleep with in minutes after everyone leaving, and we woke her up after 3 hours.

All in all, a great day. I'll have another post in a few days with some pictures from that night and some from Susan's camera, but just thought I'd get these posted for now. It was a wonderful birthday, and thanks to all of you who came in to make it so special for us and Elena. We are truly blessed, in a multitude of ways.