Happy Birthday! (part 3-final installment!)

Monday, January 21, 2008

Here's the last of the pictures-some from Susan's camera, some from mine from the time after the party. I also forgot to mention that Saturday was my aunt's birthday in addition to Leni's party. Happy birthday Deedee!

Asking mama to get her some goldfish. we went to dinner at panera (where else do we go?!) and Leni was walking on Grandpa's shoes.
Happy with her glue stick
Offering someone a bite of her birthday cupcake
Dad's hat of choice-he ended up with a pig, but thought he'd try Elena's new sparkly purple hat! I put this on primarily for his office-I figured they'd appreciate it!

Trying to "read" magnets with Aunt Pam

Loving her baby doll
The spread

I just thought she had a sweet expression here

Helping daddy stack the blocks

Tickle-ees under her neck at Vinny and me Saturday night
Gigi bought cheesecake, which Elena was quite a fan of. Also, she liked mama's manicotti.
This is the box we kept all the birthday party stuff as we accumulated it. When it went to the recycling pile, Leni thought she'd try it out.
Sunday (to add to our crazy weekend!) was Cami's ballet/tap recital. Super cute, and she definitely had the most people there to root for her! (10 in all!)
Here's mom coming back from a little talk with Cami. Seems that Cami was profiling the girls based on the color of their leotard-and telling the purple girls not to play with the pink. We all thought it was pretty hilarious-she did listen to Mimi and change quickly though!

The pictures pretty much speak for themselves-they did a couple of little dances and I tried to get the cute ones on here. She was pretty sweet-and had the most flowers of anyone! Avery and Gigi (my Gigi-Gibson) went and bought white, pink, and purple flowers to match the colors in her tutu! We were glad we could all be there-Cami told us that Gigi and Grandad had flown in just to see her show! They also brought her valentines with glitter tattoos, so they're in pretty good with Cami!

My girl is sleeping now because to top off this extraordinarily busy week, she had her one year doctor's appointment today. We're still 10 ounces from turning the car seat around, unfortunately. She's in the 9th percentile for height, and the 22 percentile for weight, and the 89th percentile for head. Because, of course, she's related to my side with our giant heads. Maybe she'll be the next Giada de Laurentiis... But, she's also a genius, because she's at 19 months and 1 week developmentally, and that's with total honesty from mama! (not that I'm not always honest, but every mama likes to think theirs can do extraordinary things!) Nope-she's just super smart genius baby! But, we all already knew that!

Okay, three posts in two days-that's all that'll be on here for awhile! I'm on blogging hiatus! And, maybe, general busyness hiatus too.


Samantha said...

I enjoyed all of your birthday posts so much! It looks like the party was a hit. You put so much thought into your food and decor, it was just perfect. You looked so pretty and Leni party dress was adorable. Everything was just so cute and "farmy"! That duck Grandad made was super cute. Fit right into your theme. I am glad your weekend was fun. Hopefully your week will be good and you will have some time to relax.