just a few.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

a few from the week...

It's been nice to have a quieter week this past week and a half. Leni's been a little snotty after her shots and while teething, so we've stuck closer to home (mostly!)

Loving her baby doll-she "kisses" her by licking her on the head and making a kissing sound. She does this occasionally-just lays on the floor.
The doctor told us to have her drink more milk, and we've obliged.
These are her new favorite kitchen items (since daddy put more locks on cabinets"-mama's cookie sheets and cutting boards
After a long day where she felt yucky and I was tired of trying to plan ways to entertain a grumpy girl-pull all of the tissues out of the box one at a time. At least she tried to share.
After a grocery store run-she confiscated a lemon to use as a ball.

Catching the action!
Very interested in that black thing of mama's.
Where'd she go? (she was actually dumping all of her toys on the ledge into the tub)
Reading with mama
That has to be a recent record-only 10!


JB said...

My favorite is the action lemon shot!